Wu Dong Qian Kun

By Heavenly Silkworm Potato

Chapter 76 mysterious animal skeleton

Chapter 76 mysterious animal skeleton

"Yang Gang of gas?"

This finding, which is a move on the spot - Lin startled by startled, but immediately, his brow is Yizhou not help, because he is aware, that Yang Gang of gas here, and yet extraordinarily violent this stuff if absorbed into the body too much, I am afraid that will damage the mind.

"There used to be a volcano, in this ground, Yang Gang of gas with this idea is not surprising, but unfortunately the ..."

I'm tempted in pity, of course, is that Yang Gang of gas within the cracks of inherent violent factor, after all, so violent Yang Gang of gas, who would absorb?

Pestle crack in the door, I'm moving cheeky color pondered my heart a little bit unwilling, to find this particular Yang Gang of gas looking for a half a month, and now finally a little harvest, naturally do not want to give up so white.

"Qin Ying Shu, you guarding here, do not let anyone come in, I'll see." Lin move against migraine Qin Ying said.

To move into the forest to hear personally, Qin Ying surprised, like a conditioned reflex to block what you want, but is now suddenly thought of Lin's strength may move far from him than, the moment slightly hesitant, is nodded.

Told a cry, Lin move is a direct step into the cracks and did not walk a few steps, he is seen, even small inflammation also followed up, and watch the look, it seems that for this kind of burning smell inside, not exclusion.

Upon seeing this, his mind sigh of relief, accelerate the pace of two or three minutes later, the narrow cracks is suddenly open up, followed, a blood-red, full of eyeballs.

Moving in front of the forest, is a blood-red zone of broken rock, far looks, just as magma flows in general, a surge of searing temperatures rising into the sky from the ground, so that even the air is somewhat twisted up.

I'm moving eyes, carefully crushed rock in this zone sweep, finally, suddenly frozen in the central zone of broken rock that, I saw there was, turned out to be about as big as hundreds of feet stands a vast forest of white bones!

Such a large animal bones, regarded since the move from small forest seen the largest creatures, although this monster has only bones, but I'm still able to move from its bones feel permeated out a special coercion, can imagine, this is not necessarily a common evil, just do not know why this would turn into bones Wicked stay here.

When I'm moving this purpose doubt, the little inflammation, covered with red red hair stood beside all, then it turned into a red shadow is straight out of that goal, with a forest of white shocking that animal bones .

This scene, Haide forest move looking for a change, too weird here, he did not dare too deep, I did not expect to be so small inflammation does not listen to say hello.

"This disobedient thing!"

Low uttered'm moving a bite, but also quickly rushed out, fell on the feet of those blood-red crushed rock, like stepping on coals of fire in general, Haide he quickly mobilize forces yuan body, legs wrapped, this feeling well some of it.

One person, one animal quickly crossed this piece of broken rock zone, then that is when approaching animal bones, slowed down.

Stop inflammation in the small bones of the body of the beast, that the original claim to magnificent body and skeletal beast than it seems but it is not worth mentioning, it looked up into the mysterious animal bones of the body, sudden jump into the sky in the forest moving horrified eyes ,Fast climb of animal bones of the body, a few breathing, it is found in the bones of the skull at the location of the animal.

"This guy really want to do?"

This small inflammation seen some strange moves, moving forest heart is raised some doubts.

In the forest move puzzled gaze, small inflammation raised sharp claws, a claw directly depress, not polite that has become vulnerable head and broke away.

Huge head dropped down, smashed into a pile of broken bone fragments on the rocks, small inflammation jump, in which churned suddenly with bloody mouth, bite a fire red things.

Lin move sharp-eyed, is the first time saw the fire red things,

Seeing set to go, actually a full size of a fist, very rounded red beads, but I do not know vertigo or why, this red beads, looks similar but is a little tiny baby looks like.

Although separated by some distance, but it feels particularly sensitive forest move, but it is somewhat odd since the red beads, felt a particularly dangerous taste.


I'm moving in that cautious eyes, inflammation of small blood-red tongue roll, that will direct red beads swallowed.


With that red beads into the body, almost the next moment, a surge of flames, even small inflammation eruption is directly out of the body, it is that body, is slowly inflated at the moment, muffled roar, these huge the caves are shaking shook soso.

He looked up at an alarming rate of expansion of small inflammation, moving forest swallowed, the pace slowly back.

This expansion lasted only an instant, is Karma, however, only then, little inflammation that is almost as big as a small building close to the body, is once again reduced, and finally back to the body looks like.

"Little Yan?"

Inflammatory changes back to see the small, forest tempted in just relieved, then carefully cried.


Hear the sounds of the forest move, small Yan is immediately looked up, move quickly jumped to the forest side, with a big head on him arch the arch.

Did not see the so-called runaway situation, Lin is moving quietly wiped the perspiration from his forehead, this carefully looked into the mood now the little inflammation.

Small inflammation had a red fur, but also in the moment becomes more bright red, looks like a burning flame in general, it is permeated with the tiger paw gloss sharp, sharp claw blade to deeply embedded, UU reading www.uukanshu .com people have no doubt that it's lethal.

Lin's eyes move slowly in small inflammation glance body circle, and finally, that suddenly solidified in the python cut bottom end of the latter small inflammation.

At the moment, that unique snake tail, is entrenched in a small inflammation of the back, head position in python, seem to have raised a packet, as if something, to break out of the pack in general.

For such a small change of inflammation, Lin move is completely confused, for evil, he knew this much, but the only thing he knows, is the inflammation of the small change, with the mysterious should just swallow it red beads about.

"Is that the beads is this beast skeletal demon master crystal not? But how with other crystal demon is not the same?" Lin move muttered to himself.

"This place is quirky,Should not stay. "

Mind the idea of ​​passing this road, forest move also thought about his retirement, however, just as he was ready to take a small retreat inflammation, inflammation suddenly directed at a small place, issued a muffled roar.

Upon seeing this, Lin Yi Zheng also move his eyes looked down, I could see nothing in that position behind the animal bones of the body, seems to have a gush from underground magma solidified made of rock, at the moment, the top position in the rocks, in full bloom with a blood-red, almost flirtatious flowers, surrounded by flowers, with a touch of lingering smoke ...

Looking at the flower glamorous crimson flowers, forest move suddenly looked at the bones of the location, a shocking discovery, previously bones of the skull seems to be exactly maintained a direction to scrape together unto blood-red flowers.

"Mysterious evil, and want to eat this crimson flowers ..."

An idea of ​​lightning across from the forest tempted.

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