Wu Dong Qian Kun

By Heavenly Silkworm Potato

Chapter 67 clouds

Chapter 67 clouds

The first success of the Yang Yuan-shih trafficking, no doubt so that was where the Lin family tasted the sweetness, the share of profits, was enough to make people envious, after all, even if they are that a large number of iron and wood, after exhaustively sales, down conversion, but also just more than 20 pieces Yang yuan-shih only, but several months of this harvest, figure it out, but it is only one day, but lode mining profits only.

Both, simply immeasurably.

And because of this, since after the successful sale of the first batch of Yang Yuan Shi, Lin Lin is almost deafening ten seven or eight staff, are transferred to the iron wood village, it looks like, just like you want to iron wood village as Camp to run in general.

The Lin family such words weird move, naturally attracted a lot of curious eyes, though rich in iron wood Zhuang iron wood, but after these days, most are aware of the hands and feet at the time of handover, Lei made, so that Chuang Tzu, in the eyes of some, but also reduce the value of a lot, but now, Lin not only not therefore ignore iron wood village, but was so solemn to be, this is really putting the cart before some flavor.

However, for these heavy speculation that the outside world, Lin is kept silent, did not have any explanation outside and announced, and because of extremely tight security work done reason, outsiders can not know Lin also think ...

Of course, this being, naturally there are some exceptions ...


Qingyang Town, Lei.

In a hall Lei depths of ten digits Lei core staff to sit in it, that the first place, the master of the house is the Ray family, Lei Bao, but at the moment he, looking is gloomy as if the storm hits a prelude to the general, so that was following, is also cautious, afraid to annoy.

"Father, I get the message, absolutely accurate, Lin Yan went to the city, the next surface is selling iron wood, but the real purpose is the sale of hundreds of pieces of Yang Yuan-shih, the Lin family all these years although also somewhat development, but this mine, even if I can not easily do Lei, a foundation Lin is still thin, but also on what basis? "Lei Bao left hand in position, thunder clap pale shadow of the road.

"What do you want to say?" When they hear hundreds of stone blocks Yang Yuan, Lei Bao eyes twitched slightly, immediately Road.

"This time the Lin family's move, surely we all see clearly how the value of Ironwood village now, our hearts also plain, however, if only for those destroyed nearly half of the iron wood resource, perhaps really that forest thunder old and confused ... "thunder clap eyes looking around in a circle in the hall, Chen Sheng said.

Hear his words, but also the rest nodded, Lin thunder from loner year, up to today, say that the old fox is not an exaggeration, they do not believe that this old fox would do such a stupid thing does not make sense.

So since it is not nonsense, then it must have its purpose, then think Lin suddenly a number of sales that Yang Yuan-shih, many people are looking a little bit changes.

"If, I expected no difference, then, Lin should be in iron wood village we found another resource other than iron wood, and, this resource, most likely, will be Yang Yuan-shih veins."

Thunder clap these words, no doubt is a ground-breaking, so that was a moment of silence throughout the hall, so after a good long while,It was just unbelievable cried: "?! How could iron wood village our business for so many years, I had never heard of Yang Yuan-shih veins."

"We can never properly probed."

Thunder clap also face twitched, his eyes staring at Lei Bao on the first, took a deep breath, and said:. "Father, we seem to have a value of Zhuang Zi indescribable, gave Lin"


Lei Bao hands of the cup, burst into a ball submerged powder, tea dripping down the fingers down, goes the old face, it seems extraordinarily distortion and hideous at the moment.

Yang Yuan-shih veins, floating a few words, but it is to get mine leopard heart is pulling up at the moment,

For the value of such veins, his mind clear enough, if the iron has a wood Shonai really a Yang Yuan-shih veins, even if its size is not large, and so that the value will also be far more than the entire village ironwood !

But at the moment, this and other high value of the veins, they are actually ceded the Lin family, whereas before, they still had a home for the forest destroyed half of Chuang Tzu and gloat, but this time wanted this to gloat , really it is ridiculously funny.

Ray looked at the leopard that hideous face, all are sensible fell silent, afraid to speak.

"During this time, some eyes and ears of the police station, give my best to find out ironwood Shonai news, I want to determine whether there really has a Yang Yuan-shih veins!"

He took a deep breath, hideous face on mine leopard slowly converge, but the sound, but it is the twelfth lunar month in the wind like a general, cold and biting.

"In addition, pay attention to every move of the Lin family, if they then set off for the city of inflammation, notify me immediately!"


Heard, that thunder clap Lei and other core elements, quickly Gong Sheng replied, immediately looked at each other, there is not much left, sailed out of the back in the Chamber.

With the crowd to exit the hall once again silent, looking Lei Bao cold sitting on a chair, after a long while, he had just played Yinhen muttered sound.

"Lin skies, since you insist on seeking death Lin, Lei that will blame me ruthless!"


Since the inflammation goes from city to come back, the center of gravity of the Lin family, is transferred to the top of Yang Yuan-shih veins of iron wood village, and this matter of mining, forest move is also not much help, so most of the time, are He is alone in the practice.

Now his practice is mainly divided into three types, mental strength per force, martial arts and had just a little concerned.

Now I'm moving the strength to stop in the late Yuan territory, in this way, like a long hard grind again, it is capable of Jin Yuan throughout the day, but the reality and imagination, always has a great gap, since moving from the forest Yan City in January after coming back in time, practicing extremely hard work during although, plus there is a sufficient amount of sun dan assist, but the feeling that a breakthrough is still nowhere in sight, that little step, as if one day is like a stream, which block away.

For this progress, though reluctantly moving forest, but not anxious, Tianyuan environment this is not as easy into Jin, a lot of people staying in this step several years, UU is entirely possible to read www.uukanshu.com thing, he wanted this short period of time to achieve results in January,It touches too good to be true point.

As for the martial arts master, Lin is also moving increasingly reached a pinnacle, as it incomplete article printed legend, and now he has to be able more easily to the second tier cast out, even, and even the third tier, he also began a gradual exploration, with his strength throughout the latter part of the yuan now, it is in perfect yuan barely enough stone symbol printed legend force the third tier needed.

Yuan-li and practice martial arts, are in progress behave with only some differences, and that is the practice of spiritual power, just a month time, Lin move can clearly feel the minds of the invisible spiritual forces beating have become more severe, and that so-called "God moving chapter," the first layer, but also by his successful completion, and this speed is still quite a matter of course, does not support any foreign objects.

As for the abnormal spiritual power, and even the forest move had to believe, he does seem in it, with some unusual talent.

In moving so quiet forest cultivation, time is also quietly by, blink of an eye, but also a time in the past two months.

And when in the third month that comes, iron wood Zhuang, larger than the last team gathered again ...

When iron wood came from Shonai movement, that message is carried in a hummingbird down, he fell on Lei Lei Bao in the shoulder.

Remove from the foot of the tiny hummingbird roll of white paper, Lei Bao eyes swept off a touch of mouth is slowly Yinhen color.

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