Wu Dong Qian Kun

By Heavenly Silkworm Potato

43 Chapter rush cubs

43 Chapter rush cubs

"Ha ha, I'm moving really brothers pride enough!"

See the forest move finally nodded, Wu Yun also could not help but laugh loudly, faces were full of excitement and color.

"Here, let me introduce you, this is Mu Ling yarn, is Mujiazhuang man, I used to be friends with her too, hey, though she is a girl, but also into the quench Jin eight heavy body, and her excellent arrows, have her help, we will be easier. "Wu Yun pointed vigorous girl on a tree trunk, with a smile.

"Mujiazhuang?" Lin Wei Zheng move, immediately nodded his head, that within a hundred miles Mujiazhuang near Qingyang Town, regarded with some of the fame, he naturally heard.

"As far as I know, fire python tiger cubs, there should be three, if this succeeded, you and I all-win a three." Wu Yun smile.

"Now discuss booty, I am afraid there early for fire tiger python is not an unusual thing, even serious injuries plus Chanzai hit, we are very difficult to their uniforms, and even maybe, there will be some damage." Lin shaken shook his head, muses.

"Oh, rest assured, fire python tiger actually a cause for concern, the main problem now is mine force them, if I expected not bad, now the thunder force, should have entered the ground dollars throughout this and other strength probably be considered He is the first person of the contestants. "Wu Yun smiled, immediately exclaimed.

"First look at the situation right there." I'm moving nodded his head, he said.

Wen Yan, Wu Yun also nodded and looked up at Mu Ling yarn on a tree trunk, which is also the posture of vigorous jump, moving a saw Lin, said:. "Come with me."

And she is the lead against the right side of the jungle flew away, behind, moving with Wu Yun Lin duo, is quickly followed.

Three flying in the jungle, along the way also met some of the many contestants ready to snatch the identity cards of wandering in these places, but whenever some of the guys want to just around the corner, is killed by an arrow suddenly will tear the air, shot fiercely on the ground beneath them, that the arrow tail swing violently, so they have to understand that if let this wood shot to the body, it is bound to be a bloody holes.

After the aid of a sharp Mu Ling yarn arrows along the way but added no one dared to three shots, so the shuttle around about ten minutes in the jungle, that Mu Ling yarn speed just slowing down, shadows smart to dodge a after the pieces of trees, is so effortless agility, obviously a jungle very understanding.


Wu Yun down the sound, facing the forest behind the action said.

Heard, Lin quietly moving two steps forward, looking outside the front of the trees looked moment eyes is slightly a condensate.

India eye is moving into the forest, it is a piece of open woodland, forest move on at the moment, with more than a dozen hand-held wooden spears figure, while in the lead position of these people, it is Lei Li and Xie Yingying two.

In the central position these people, Zhang Xu is one foot tall Wicked, Wicked whole body is full of fiery hair, his head, a look that is very violent and fierce tiger, its tail entrenched in their backs, handling snake letter, actually like a fire python in general.

So it looks like, and moving forest fire tiger python identical in Wicked Kam seen, but at the moment it was supposed to be the head of the fire majestic tiger python,But it is extremely powerless, a Unit of blood continues to gush from its body, would that piece of ground, are rendered into a blood red, but after seeing the fire so injured tiger python, forest move just understand why Wu Yun said that now the fire tiger python has been cause for concern.

This injury, I am afraid that no one even shot it, it will sooner or later bled to death, and that Lei Li apparently also knows this, so only people with probing attacks, and it does not really fight after all, anyway, is enough to fire python tiger habitat with a master Tianyuan comparable exists, its last desperate counterattack, it was not fun.

"Fire python tiger cub on its back that piece of rock." Wu Yun Lin secretly said after departure.

Lin move the eyes, but also to see the tiger python immediately to the fire behind that piece of rock, it really is seen on a rock, three whole body also stained with blood, did not even open the eyes of the little beast in Ee I Ee rolling, trying to stand up.

"Pups really is."

To see this scene, even if the move is a forest of calm, the eyes could not help but are swarmed the fiery, if he can get a cub, they Lin, is after more than a master Tianyuan territory, which for Lin speaking, the enhanced not a little bit.

"Hey, did I say? Now how do?" To see the look of the forest move, Wu Yun also chuckled.

"First and other fire tiger python breathe." Lin move took a deep breath, calm down again, whispered, the big guy if you do not completely die, too insured.

"Well." I'm moving to the recommendations, but added that Mu Lingsha quite agree, it is the moment and nodded.

"At that time, a fire tiger python breathe, I shot blocked Lei Li et al., Mu Ling yarn secretly helped me to push back the others, Wu Yun, on the hands you grab pups, if successful, immediately get away, and then we just said a good place convergence. "Lin move licked his mouth, he said.

"Are you a man?" Wen Yan, Wu Yun suddenly surprised, Lei Li there, but with ten come, and Lei Li Yuan itself or the territory of strength, if I'm moving appearances, I am afraid is to be on the ropes Qinxia, ​​right?

"Rest assured, I will not try to be brave." I'm moving waved, smiled.

I'm moving to see the smile on the face, Wu Yun lengleleng, suddenly emerged a heart made him feel some dismay was the idea, but the idea has just emerged, is being strangled him down.

"Heard what he said, as long as you carefully Lei Li and Xie Yingying like the others, I'll help you stop." Mu Ling yarn are also mesh with a moving forest looked surprised, but it was not open to question.

"Thank you." Lin smiled move, do not say any more, turned his head, looked at the woodland.

Tiger python case of fire, apparently an appalling bad to the point where, in the face of provocation Lei Li et al., It can only slow coursing, and along with its catch, Feisa blood all the way, to get later even the intestines are streaming out.


This injury is obviously true of fatal injuries, so the fire did not run long tiger python, is in a desperate low roar, crashing to the ground.

Looked finally fell to the ground breathe fire tiger python, Lei Li and Xie Ying Ying, who also emerged in the eyes of the ecstasy of color,Then greedy eyes, is to invest in the three cubs on rock, a move stature, is washed out.


When Lei Li et al stature grazing, forestry move also heard Di, a feet tread the ground, Pushe, Lei Li and Xie Yingying the duo to the bar down.

"Xiu Xiu!"

Lin move grazing, Mu Ling yarn pretty face also became cold up fast bow, arrows piercing out of Xiu Xiu, those guys Lei Li and Xie Yingying behind to the bar down.

"I'm moving!"

The sudden turn of events, which is a must Lei Li and Xie Yingying surprised, but when people see the face of the highway, the two are looking to become somewhat difficult to look, Lei Li sneer, a heavy feet tread the ground, the body will l was pulling into the sky, facing the forest condescending to move punched, fierce winds, tearing out the air are whining sound.

"You tumbled into his lap, do not blame me polite!"

Lin move looked up, looked in the eye pupil rapid amplification figure, Zhe Yiquan light from the point of view of power and influence, he is understood, is indeed Jin Lei force into the territory of the yuan, Zhe Yiquan, even quenching body Nine people finish the long march, UU reading www.uukanshu.com had vomiting blood injured.

"Lin move carefully, flash!"

Wu Yun also at this moment rushed straight to the rock, and rushed at the same time, he also saw this scene, the moment looking for a change, anxious shouted.

However, facing his Sheng, Lin is not moving in spite of smell, his eyes staring at Lei Li, half a step back and feet, fingers clenched into a fist, actually also fired a punch, then that is and Lei Li Quanfeng that sharp, heavy coming together.

Looking at the forest actually chose to move Ying Peng, Wu Yun his face is white one point, but just when he was ready to withdraw the body will move rescued the forest, but it is suddenly see, touch fists pay at Lei Li stature was actually inverted out, finally staggering as the floor, mounted the pedal back a few steps, almost embarrassed even fell to the ground.

Some confusion throughout the woodland, at this time are suddenly quieted down, even if that Xie Ying Ying, also over her lips, could not believe looking at this scene, into the territory of the Yuan Lei Li, was surprised to be moving a boxing forest Return!

"It's his mother ... this guy, is also really into the territory of the dollar?"

Wu Yun Lin looked sluggish move back, flashed a previous heart horror idea is finally determined down at the moment ...

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