Wu Dong Qian Kun

By Heavenly Silkworm Potato

Chapter 39 local border!

Chapter 39 local border!

Thirty-ninth chapter to the environment yuan!

The sudden turn of events together, so that was also raised in the forest tempted deep sense of fear, that yin evil of the gas poured into his body from Pteroceltis body, freezing cold fury to a terrible degree, that degree of yin evil the gas is simply not in his previous female beads from the lessons of the cold can be compared.

Lin dynamic control of the body, but also completely disappear when the body is covered with ice, icy cold as darts generally, crazy in front of every part of his body severely striking, in that and other pain, moving forest the body's internal organs and even flesh, all appeared a little distortion, even, blood flow rate, are slowing down ...

All signs are that he now shows that the situation of extremely bad!

However, for this very bad situation, but it is moving forest behave incompetent and weak in the face of the body that Pteroceltis as prehistoric beast like a cold, his power seems too insignificant, and that he did not understand why mysterious stone character will break out today, this turn of events, he did not previously had any contact with Pteroceltis, but this thing, was the first time occurrence.

In the chill of erosion, forest gradually moving consciousness began to blur, however, when his consciousness is about to go completely dark, as was his right palm palm mysterious stone symbols hidden, finally shot.

Suction, again broke out from inside the stone symbol, then, that filled the forest move every part of the body yin evil of the gas, is fast retraction, the last being swallowed give all the characters within the stone.


After moving in the forest filled with cold absorbed by the body, Shi Fu also slightly shaking a bit, and then, showing a trace of blue ice cold, it was actually from within the stone breaks out of penetration, and finally moving along forest meridians, fast against the pubic region flee to.

This hint of blue ice cold, although lower amount, but I'm the only move that awareness, but still felt a palpitation from above, he can feel a trace of blue ice cold, probably not so simple ...

Ice cold blue, all the way unimpeded directly into the pubic region, then moving forest is felt, the pubic region, once again broke out of an extremely popular fighting, in heavy fighting with each other and so that erosion and fusion under his pubic region, it is faint in the outgoing minor pain.

Faced with this battle, Lin has lost control over the movement of the body, it is also looking at only look on in despair, but to get him relieved that it has made it his ice-blue cold feel palpitations, perhaps the reason is because the stone breaks, does not seem to imagine the oppressive, therefore, in RMB force pubic region when is that a trace of blue ice cold consumed the seven or eight of the last ten, two, and finally that there is a convergence of sign…

Among the pubic region, along with the gradual integration of the two, and had no particular color per force, actually become blue up, but enough to have had a fist-sized seed per force, and it is at this moment, to a group of blue ice air mass, the air mass around it, and even be able to feel faint waft of cold.

When that ice-blue air mass forming, Lin body moving, suddenly violent shocked, never had a strong feeling, from the depths of my heart poured out fast, and finally spread to the every part of his body."Click, click ..."

I'm moving ice on the body, at this moment suddenly split a road gap, ice continued to fall.

I'm tempted God sink pubic region, this is the first time he "saw" his pubic region, that ice-blue air mass, is extremely charming, air mass slowly spinning, a trace element with a chill forces surrounded around it, Lin move at any time waiting for disposal.

I'm tempted God exit the pubic region, eyes closed, a strange fluctuations, spread out from their minds, the environment in the vicinity of tens of meters are projected back into his mind, but also very carefully.

"This is the territory of yuan it?"

That kind of feeling in control, so that was Lin body moving constantly trembling with excitement,

Into the territory of the yuan, it is really just practice to enter the door!

This is in practice an important first hurdle!

For the impact of this hurdle, this time, I'm not sure how much to pay moving efforts did not think today Zhefan turn of events, but it is to get dollar strength and yin evil of the gas completely fused his pubic region, so that in one fell swoop into the the yuan territory!

The sudden excitement, so that was kind of the sky and shouts forest move impulse, but fortunately the last minute, he is forced to bear down.

Jungle, forest moving ice on the body has been exhaustively is falling, into a pool of water marks on the ground, his eyes closed, in shake a bit later, also opened slowly.

Eyes open, a ray of ice blue eyes gloss passing move from the forest, and soon a moment and then passed away.

Before moving to display their forest shook their fists, inherent in muscle strength than before, do not know how many times on strong, according to his guess, and now I'm afraid he's just extraordinary power punch, it is comparable to pass back fist ten guns!


Some of a cold white gas discharge nozzle from moving in the forest, forest junction suddenly moving his hands together, put a complex printing method, it is printed legend.

I'm moving really want to know, after he entered the territory of the yuan, the power of Indian legend, is able to achieve what extent.

With the dynamic forest skilled Indian law changes, within that ice blue air mass among their pubic region, is rapidly grazing Road yuan force ice blue, and finally unite under the palm of your hand quickly moving in the forest.

Brilliant blue ice Yuan-li, shrouded forest move right palm, rising cold, so that was the ambient temperature is decreased.


Changing handprint suddenly a condensate, forest move a step taken, fingerprints boom is directly in front of a foot on both thighs thick trees.

Handprint blasted, a tree, and suddenly burst open, countless sawdust burst shot out, and that the tree trunk in the fracture, even with frost or condensation, this beat, if playing on the human body, then light among the yuan is force contains the chill of the air, UU is reading www.uukanshu.com will eat each other so that was great bitterness.

The power of the Yuan territory, indeed far from quenched comparable throughout the body!

Looking at the power and influence of this beat, the eyes of the forest move also emerged surprises of color, but when it can not help but want to cheer loudly, eyes are suddenly saw Pteroceltis still unconscious on the ground, on the face is the emergence of the moment awkward color.

This time, Jin Yuan into the territory, apparently mysterious stone symbols forcibly learned a horrible cold Pteroceltis from the body,After and then after it's grown up, the kind of terrible tyranny refined in the cold, infusion into the forest just move the pubic region, otherwise, the ability to move the forest, if forced to absorb the kind of body Pteroceltis cold, I am afraid will be the fate become permanent ice.

"Fortunately nothing, or else be father and mother to know, that may ultimately meal curse."

I'm moving to check a bit and found Pteroceltis just fainted, this relieved sigh of relief, feeling right palm palm, smile a cry, and then take up as girls like a Sleeping Beauty, jungle outside the front of the line to go.

Jin into the territory of the yuan, because of this misfortune, came earlier than many expected as early as the forest move, however, be able to reach this point before the hunt begins for forest move, it clearly is an excellent thing.

"Lei Xie two, I ate so many of the Lin family luck, this time, should also spit it out!"

When carrying a girl to go home, I'm moving on the face, but also with a little sneer emerged.

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