Wu Dong Qian Kun

By Heavenly Silkworm Potato

Chapter 30 Xiaocheng

Chapter 30 Xiaocheng

Access to energy, the way I'm moving knew nothing more than two, one is the energy contained in the elixir, and another, that is, per force.

The former possibility is relatively small, after all, be able to break the stone into Danwan elixir refining capacity, it seems that among the panacea for energy inherent sense of not much interest, and this is the case, the latter is the only a.

Thought here, I'm also moving hesitated, then just slowly turn a blind eye, mind sending the dollar into force seed meridians, then, has a very light sheen surge in palm forest move, faint yuan force, wandering in the palm of the skin, but it can not be broken body out, after all, I'm moving to the current strength of the dollar can not force control to that point.


But just when I'm moving to this end frown, that was held in the palm of its mysterious stone character, but it is suddenly shocked, and then I'm moving is felt, suddenly from a certain attraction in stone symbol violence Chung out!

In that and other suction, hovering in the forest move that a trace element force under the palm skin, directly swallowed the stone is to be a break, and after that engulfed a trace element force, the stone breaks as if still not satisfied, an Lin pass into suction movable body, continuous from the inner element force seed, wherein the suction force is pulled element.

Such a turn of events, so that was looking a little aghast forest move, which per force seed but his penance achievements more than six months, if it is to break the stone completely absorbed, and that what he do?

To do this move in the forest horror, on their palms, suddenly there came a sharp pain in his eyes hastily looked and saw that the stone was character, actually began to slowly embedded between palm flesh!

Stone symbol embedded by the slow speed becomes faster, Lin be too quickly when its movable to pull, break stone directly slipped into the flesh in his palm, the palm however, is smooth as jade, no scars.

With the stone breaks embedded moving palm forest, that the suction force is gradually weakened until finally disappear completely.

"this is…"

Press the panic move the hearts of the forest, look to the palm, it was found that at this moment in its palm, actually has a very light runes, this rune as if deep beneath the flesh, if not closer look, then, is not it was found.

Rune, Lin is no stranger to moving, because the runes on the rock that breaks, it is its exactly the same.

Looking at the mysterious runes, I'm moving it is not know what to do, he could feel the egg stone embedded into the palm of character, perhaps because flesh and blood of the reason for the mysterious stone symbols, more out of him trace of familiar feeling.

Stone character in the TV drama induction palm, close your eyes moving forest, changing your mind, between trance, is actually appeared in the dark spiritual space, but at the moment, that the spirit of space in the third light and shadow brightness on the body, it seems that once again regained some.

"Shi Fu martial perfect, and she also needs the support element force of ..."

To see this scene, I'm moving nodded thoughtfully, mind a move, it is to withdraw from the spirit of space, since these stone symbol embedded in flesh and blood, he also seemed to whatever they want to enter into the spirit of that space.

"Yuan-li body too weak, still not enough to break the rock legend and India give all perfect, it seems that the door martial arts seem to be quite complicated ..." Lin shook move palm, muttering immediately."It seems that still have to increase its strength as soon as possible ..."

I'm moving sigh of relief, and now he was to understand that if this stone symbol to complete some of the more advanced martial arts, but also need the support element force a lot of money, was only a practice Tong Bei these products martial arts, stone breaks actually competent, you can be met once this and other similar printed legend or martial and incomplete, is the force needed membered pushed the rock breaks.

Thought here, Lin move is temporary restrain the hearts of the urgent legend under seal, sit down cross-legged on the bed, then breaks out a bottle of stone spiritual solution, drip a few drops into the mouth, let the body absorb slowly TV drama drug polished, and in Qinru other drugs that force, yuan-li seed, is once again a hint of growing up ...


In the next month of time,

Lin move is once again up to become reclusive, forest home, but also rarely saw him walking shadow, all his time, are placed on the practice.

In his sleepless nights like this and other practice, coupled with spiritual solution Shangshih break even elixir auxiliary Dan Wan, the effect achieved is also very obvious.

Around January, seed Lin Yuan force moving the body, the full expansion of multiples, which implied yuan force, compared to the same day than the family, but also strong on a lot, that extent, although not yet reached the eighth weight , but it should be far away.

As for the first tier of Indian legend, after this period of penance around the clock, Lin is a preliminary move to master, the kind of cooperation between India and France yuan force is gradually appears understanding, but the second tier of India law, but no matter how moving forest cultivation, are caused by the body not the slightest power fluctuations of yuan, presumably because of the low strength of reason.

Overall, however, the month of penance, but added the harvest is not small.


Dense jungle, forest-action disc sitting on the pier, eyes closed, on top of its body, a faint perspiration and wanted to be just after a vigorous workout.

Dynamic cross-legged eyes closed in the forest, its whole body in the world, with a trace element force of surging down his last breath, got into his body, and thus nourishing flesh film.

Of course, this trickle-like element force, clearly unable to meet the needs of the forest move, therefore, contained in its mouth a fire red Dan Wan, also gently swallow at the moment.

Along with Dan Wan into the body, pure strains of the drug, and suddenly burst open, a sense of the kind of impact, so that was Lin move the body of flesh bones are heard bursts comfortable feeling.

Pure drug, such as a flood of surging, grown up in the bone organs and also the slightest yuan into force, into yuan into force in that seed.


Along with a growing number of seeds per force the influx of dollar strength has always been the movement never had per force seed suddenly issued a minor tremor, that had shrouded in mist surrounding the faint, actually turned into a halo at the moment look like something hovering around yuan-li seeds.

When those into a faint halo of mist, forest move clearly felt, Yuan-li seeds begin along the meridians, facing parts of the lower abdomen at the flow away, but just when this is about to reach the end of a swimming meridians, an invisible resistance is to emerge out of, as if an invisible wall like a wall, the swimming element force seed blocked off.

The face of the invisible wall to block,Yuan-li seed crash a few times, but it is not much effect, so it has no choice but to give up ...

"Quenching eighth body weight ..."

Yuan seed in force when the invisible barrier that blocked off, Lin is moving slowly opened his eyes closed, long breath, his eyes lit up with flashes.

Yuan-li-scale seed, compared to the same day than family, grow several times, that level has been reached is the eighth heavy quenching body proportions.

"That barrier layer, presumably to be called your lungs is impaired it, if able to break through, per force the seed is able to enter the pubic region, and in which to take root, UU reading www.uukanshu.com so thoroughly solid foundation for practice ... "

Lin move muttering, heavy quenching body ninth signs, is rooted seeds per force pubic region, but look at what is, and he had to work hard again for some time, I am afraid to do this step.

However, a half months, is to rise to seventh from eighth revisit quenching body weight, this rate is already very good, as the ninth heavy'd like too far, after all, they have a mouth rice eat…

Jump from the top of the pier, Lin move the body straight as if a spear in general, looking solemn, put his hands sailed in front of a complex fingerprints.

With this form of fingerprints Road, suddenly faint room, as if filled with a special momentum and open.

Lin moving fingerprints, it changes quickly, a few short time interest, successively changing the number of channels is complicated printing method, the printing method when it changes, the force element of the seed body meridians, is now flowing in the bubbling element force , fast moving flock to the palm forest.


With the light more and Sheng Lin move the palm, its mouth suddenly heard the sound of a Li He, the form of fingerprints palm complex, reflexive weight is split on the pier that hard.


Handprint fall, pier instantaneous explosion open, stone chips radiance.

I'm moving mouth breathing heavily, his face flushed thoroughly looked at the basic burst pier, his eyes unable to contain surging ecstasy of color, after quenching Jin into the eighth body weight, he finally was successful the odd India first heavy door cast out ...

This power, even through the back fist tenth ring, are not comparable, Mishina martial, really extraordinary!

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