Wu Dong Qian Kun

By Heavenly Silkworm Potato

Chapter 25 to take over the affairs

Chapter 25 to take over the affairs

Trials museum, silent, amazed eyes of a Road, Leng Leng looked at the stone table teenager, heart shock, so that was a long time they can not speak.

"I have indeed overcome ..."

Linxiao but also because such a result startled down, a moment later, the body suddenly intense shaking up, face on, is suddenly swarmed the ecstasy of color.

Today we're giving him a surprise move, simply have too much of a shock.

Rock audience, Lin Xia gently patted his chest, thereby ease the shock of the heart, and its eye, is firmly fixed on the forest move, her previous fight with Lin Hong, all just fight a tie, but I'm moving, but was able to beat Lin Hong, which is the indirect instructions, even if she is, I am afraid that is not the forest move opponent.

In one respect, this family than a real first, it should be covered with black forest move this horse dark horse!

"Worthy is the third brother, the son of ..." in Lin Xia side, Lincoln Road is also slowly.

On the ground outside the stone, Lin Hong pale, his eyes dazed, apparently not yet recovered from the reversal of such a situation, how he is to my surprise, he turned out to be defeated at all have not been valued in the hands of forest.

The result, to get him too difficult to accept.


Round after round around the eyes, so that was a thorn in the back as Lin Hong, his complexion changes, suddenly thundered loudly, a feet tread the ground, is once again rushed stone, facing the forest Zhuangruo crazy attack move away.

When to see a competition has ended, it actually still mad Lin Hong, Lin is moving brow wrinkled, sidestepped pace, palms like pincers like to Lin Hong locked, and again in its intention to push down Lin Hong, a Bao, suddenly sounded.

"Go away!"

Bao sound, a figure straight from heaven, like a big hand like talons, one facing the forest move arrested in the past, which started and quickly let go, but the other is still a ton of bricks, went straight to his shoulders.

"Lin python!"

The sudden turn of events, but also so that was everyone was shocked, to be seen that when people shot, the audience Lincoln suddenly thundered.

"You get out, do not touch my son!"

Lincoln Sheng had just fallen, and is a figure Shanlue and upper and lower flash appeared in front of the forest is left, it is Linxiao.

"Linxiao, do you really think you now what is my opponent?" To see Linxiao shot, Lin python could not help but sneer, palm force surging yuan, with an amazing break from the wind, and beat anger against Linxiao go with.


Facing the forest python offensive, Linxiao looking slightly heavy, not even flash not avoid, and that is the punch Lin python heavy bombers together.


Fury of the blast into a fist under the two ring-like diffusion open, give all the stone platform dust sweep, then, the crowd is unbelievable to see once again, that forest python, is life and life is actually directly the Zhentui few steps!

Tianyuan forest habitat python, actually Zhentui!

Originally just want to immediately shot Lincoln, the pace is stiff at the moment down, the chief, he tried to forest furious thunder, anger on the face, also came to an end!

"Your strength?!"

Lin python staggered catch herself, but it is at the moment my heart badly up, he looked at the horror Linxiao,Speechless Road.

"Well, injuries, natural strength was restored, a competition among junior learn from you what hand? Could I really feel bullied his son not?" Linxiao faint Road.

"Third Brother, your strength restored?"

The audience heard the remark of Lincoln, suddenly cheeky master ecstasy of color, a Tianyuan territory, for the strength of a family who, but has a very important role in today throughout the Lin family, including him, but only three Tianyuan bit environment, but even so, the Lin family in Qingyang town, can be considered quite components, is now Linxiao wound had healed, but also the strength to recover,

That say, they Lin family, it will be out of a multi-Tianyuan territory!

Trial of the museum, those who are invited to come, but also the color cheeky shock, they understand that, from now on, the strength of the Lin family, I am afraid many will rise up.

Seats, they recovered the forest around, but also hurried stone leapt, grabbed Linxiao arm, while the other side feel that the body rolling element force, suddenly could not help but laugh.

"Well, finally did not let me down!"

Lin thunder heavy Linxiao patting the shoulder, the side of the forest move could see the old man's eyes, now seems to be some red, could see that his heart is abnormal excitement.

"Lin python, a large crowd, you dare secretly shot, I really put my Lin family's face to lose not?" Lin thunder eyes red did not last too long, and then is suddenly turned around, looking stern look to the forest python, thundered.

Lin hear thunder thundered, Lin python is looking slightly changed, the Lin family, the thunder of the majesty of the forest very strong, has always been uncompromising, even if he is now Tianyuan Jin into the environment, but still can not refute the skies with the forest, the moment can only head down , not words.

'Father, which previously put down, and now there may be a lot of guests yet. "Lincoln Coushang come, whispered.

Lin took a deep breath and thunder, repressed anger at heart, then toss the sleeves, said: "! You first pick up a good situation, and you gave me to the backyard."

Voice down, he also walked away with some anger.

Upon seeing this, Lincoln wry smile and nodded his head, looked at the Linxiao python with the forest, the two men, so many years, is so diametrically opposed, even so that even their juniors, too ...


Lin backyard, in general, where the Lin family considered more important place, so the ordinary person, it touches can not enter.

A hall in the backyard, sitting with some of the shadows that first, of course, is also the face still wet with some of the anger of forest around, under him, is Lincoln, Linxiao, Lin Lin and other python immediate.

Lin also sat movement and Pteroceltis Linxiao side, but this is not looked too good atmosphere, is his mouth shut.

"Lin python, today you can be famous, ah, an elder, but still on the junior shot, you want me to lift the Lin family in qingyangzhen their heads?" Lin thunder eyes swept the crowd on the face, soon a heavy palm Desktop shot, snapped.

"My father, my impulse."

Lin python took a deep breath and whispered, previously seen Lin Hong unexpectedly lost in the forest of hands, really is to get him some difficult to accept, from small to large, he has been in comparisons with Linxiao, such comparisons ,Also includes another son.

"My father, younger brother is really impulsive point, you do not have to be too angry." Lincoln sighed, as Big Brother, have openings.

"Third Brother wound had healed, but also the strength to return to the Tianyuan environment, this is my wedding Lin family, not angry."

Heard the remark, Lin thunder and his face was relief this a lot, he looked Linxiao, but it is suddenly dissatisfied hum:. "Originally the injury early on can be restored, but why stubborn to death."

Linxiao a wry smile and nodded.

"But anyway, can cheer up just fine, and now I'm home a lot of industry, UU reading www.uukanshu.com just a shortage of manpower, then, you have multi-pipe, what do when idlers." Lin Zhen Heaven.

"Yes." Linxiao hesitated a moment, he finally nodded his head, and now the strength of the recovery, but also to do something for the Lin family.

Linxiao did not refuse to see, this forest thunder nodded with satisfaction, immediately thought for a moment and said:. "Huo-yen more than what the nearest village, where you look at it, the more management, specific matters, Lincoln will assist you."

Lin deafening voice down, Lin could not help python skinned is a draw, the Lin family has a number of industries as well as in the vicinity of the town of Qingyang, and this flame village, is the top priority, the annual profit, accounting for almost the entire forest home ten five or six, and this flame village, he used to be has been in management ...

Although the hearts of very unhappy, but I'm also not against the decision of python forest thunder, after all, he just angered forest thunder.

Make yourself heard in charge of flame Zhuang, Linxiao also startled by startled, apparently also knew the importance of Zi Lin, the moment slightly hesitant, is nodded.

Completion of these orders, Lin Chi thunder eyes and look to the forest move, Lin Xia and looking still some ugly Lin Hong, with smiles: "Another day moving Lin also performed extremely well, speaking, he is the race than the first, which second test of reward, and so will I send to you people, family, martial arts hall, also with three people you read, what is necessary, although told my grandfather, before qingyangzhen for hunting, then a break, By the time I'm home in the beating qingyangzhen rose up momentum. "

Casual browsing can hear the family martial arts hall, sitting dry forest move aside, his eyes almost instantly is lit up in ...

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