Wu Dong Qian Kun

By Heavenly Silkworm Potato

Chapter 5 mysterious stone symbols

Chapter 5 mysterious stone symbols

"What is this?"

Lin looked bewildered move the hands of the stuff, it seemed like one pair refers to the size of the stone, just a stone the size of two fingers, was a touch of gray color, but pinch the palm of your hand up, but there is a strange soft feeling, that feeling should not stone, but this is not like jade, more like wood.

Like stone non-stone, non-Si Yu, non-wood like wood.

This is the forest move scheming to climb the top of the cave, from where a crack in the hopes of finding hidden things, and see the source of that liquid dripping previous position should this matter is.

In the top of the mountain shadows inlaid with this thing, still has a very clear handprint, handprints and even palm prints that are clearly visible, look mysterious paw print, Lin move just understand, I am afraid that this cave, long before long, that is, early someone came.

"weird stuff."

Lin move whispered loudly, in this thumb-sized stones, can faintly see some obscure between the lines, it seems, as if a magic runes.

Rune is full of rocks everywhere, it touches on so that was that it looks more like a mysterious stone symbols.

Now the stone breaks, in addition that makes one feel that is outside the obscure esoteric runes, did not make too strange place, but I'm moving is to understand, just to see the kind of red light point of the liquid, it can not be an illusion .

"The reason why the stone pool have that ability, which is should the stone breaks as a result ..."

Lin move his face covered with small colored pondered, he was previously witnessed falling rock pool that spot, but it was only this can explain why this rock pool, so will have a magical effect.


Pondered moving in the forest, outside the cave suddenly heard the sound of a rolling stone, the stone will break the moment he quickly put into underwear pocket, Tiexiong stood.

"Lin move brother, hee hee, I know you're here."

When moving Fu Lin received a good stone, like a butterfly-like figure is to appear in the hole, it was a small girl looks about as big as 13 or 14, she only dressed in a simple light-colored clothes, but it is in simple clothes concealing clever little face, little girls, although age is still small, but a little face is already very sophisticated, large eyes Hushanhushan, is extremely cute.

Looked little girl, Lin is moving secretly relieved, the girl is not the Lin family person, but Liu Yan year shortly after his birth, a baby adopted from the snow, moving slightly smaller than the forest, two who grew up together, like brother and sister relationship, very intimate, and the reason because it is an orphan, she was not with Lin, Liu Yan was so she took a nice name, Pteroceltis, and its people are its name, such as sandalwood as full of aura.

"Lin move brother, almost dark days, your mother can call you for a long time yet."

Pteroceltis grinning scrape up, holding hands natural forest moving the arm, then took him dragged out in front, walking and muttered: "dark, stone road here can not see, you do also imagine that, like sleeping cave ah? "

It looked like a lark-like side constantly muttering Pteroceltis, Lin move also could not help but smile, immediately hands gently touched his chest, close to his chest where the stone character, seems to have a touch of cold feeling came.Although not understand the origins of this stone breaks, but intuition tells'm moving, it should be quite extraordinary.


Night, enveloped the earth, the cool moonlight pouring down, the clean slate residual heat in the earth.

Into the room, eyes closed sleeping forest move, a plume of moonlight poured through the window and into some of the moon, shining in the forest on the body moving, suddenly, like moonlight rippling waves generally a bit strange scene immediately emerge out I saw those too cool moonlight, facing the forest actually began to move at the slightest chest gather away, a little bit of light distribution out, among faint, can see the bright center is an ancient stone reveals character.

When the stone glows character,

That move had caught sleeping Lin also opened his eyes a little, but not until he was completely open eyes, but it is suddenly felt dizzy gush from the depths of my mind, immediately, he is horrified to find that he actually appeared in the space so dark in.

There is not any light, silence, and cold.

The sudden turn of events, so that was in my forest tempted in fear, anyway, he is now just a just fourteen children only.


Afraid of moving in the forest, suddenly has a fine voice sounded in the silence of the dark space, immediately, a group of light suddenly appeared in front of him, carefully watch the light and shadow, and actually look and move exactly the same forest, but the latter face, and not the slightest bit angry, filled with numbness.

"How is this going…"

Blankly looking at the forest before moving with him exactly the same as that of light and shadow, his mind was made some fear this strange scene.


When Lin moving in a daze, that road "Lin move" shadow figure is suddenly moving up, I saw the figure of obtaining the flashing fists stretch, a move familiar forest of boxing, it is to be cast out in their hands .

"This is ... pass back fist?"

Looked at the shadow cast by boxing, Lin could not help moving eyes suddenly widened up, followed by, a deep sense of shock to emerge from the eyes, he found that the shadow cast by Tong Bei Quan, than it seems forest Xiao also more graceful and ... perfect!

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa!

Among the dark space, light and shadow walking like a champ, between waving fists, is to look just like an ape in a stretch posture, like that feeling, when compared to Linxiao, are to be even more of the slick.

Nine sound fresh!

I'm moving with some stunning eyes looked exactly the same with their own shadow, cast upon the latter through the back fist, he clearly heard nine crisp sound!

"Nine loud ..."

I'm moving to himself, however, when his purpose was shocked, just finished among the set of light and shadow boxing, body suddenly strange flick, under this flick, there actually is a slight the muffled came from the forest above the moving arm!


The Road muffled extremely subtle, if not in this space on this silent forest and moving spirit of cohesion at the moment, I am afraid that simply can not hear the road noise.

Ten guns!

Lin looked like a shadow moving sluggish, this is obviously only a fist through the back nine loud Jin, into its hands, but it will have a tenth ring? !

Lin move'm very sure that this tenth ring, perhaps even his father Linxiao personally cast,They are not cast out.

"How is this going?"

I'm moving into Daileng state, after a long time, just a gradual return to God, frowning thoughtfully, though just watched it again, the forest is moving with a strange feeling, this shadow cast by Tong Bei Quan, than it seems Linxiao cast by day, to be more natural and clever, or that perfect.

But there will be so light as to why this strange ability, it would not be able to see the forest move, however faint between, he knew, maybe this time, he met a baby ...

In the forest tempted in the idea of ​​spinning, boxing completed the set of light and shadow, but this did not dissipate, but the figure flashing again, immediately, is the same set of Tong Bei Quan, start playing from the beginning.

Smart looked like ape-like figure, forest move some of absence, panic is already beginning to dissipate unknowingly, gather all his mind, preoccupied looking at Smart light and shadow, color contemplation face is small rich a lot, he again and again to watch the light and shadow boxing style, and even that slight curvature are carefully recorded in the mind.

Watch for a long time, Lin finally put aside the legs move, a posture, began to imitate the light and shadow, slowly will play out through the back fist.


Dark space, the same two shadows and lighting, start over and over again tireless display with boxing, but round after round of pops sound is ringing off the hook, but which sound almost overwhelming numbers, all belong to the light.

In this case, Lin did not actually moving air properly, on the face, full of serious color, while the cast of boxing, UU reading www.uukanshu.com he is unconsciously started in accordance with the type and shadow boxing subtle changing.

This change, although small, but it seems to have the finishing touch of magic in general, small changes, it is with unexpected harvest.

"Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!"

Quan Zhang stretch, arms like an ape-like, flexible somersault, four successive rings Cui Xiang, Lin move Quanfeng, also played in the moment with the wind!

Four loud!

I'm moving eyes, at the moment it becomes extremely bright, he did not think, just some of the subtle changes, which Tong Bei Quan practice together, actually would be so handy!

Feeling, as if to get a free mentor unparalleled teach hands-general, and the teacher's level, almost reached a point of terror.

So the harvest, simply let Medellin tempted in ecstasy, Linxiao know if he is just in one day, it is able to pass back fist practice out of four loud, I'm afraid chin will always be shocked fall, but he had practice nearly in January, barely achieve this speed, and Lin move, but it is beyond him dozens of times!

And with such a harvest, as if the spirit of the forest move also become strong a lot, not only will therefore not rest, but to start again boxing style, over and over again applies his fist through the back, so that was his effort to boxing, and can that shadow has become exactly the same ...

Into the dark space, if not the passage of time, so I'm moving constantly imitating light, and in him so dig his boxing,And that light and shadow, but also more and more like.

Dark space, light and shadow silhouette flashing, just as full of spirituality two monkeys, stretch between palm and fist attack, breaking wind blowing.

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