Chapter 1060 follow me, okay? (twenty)

Chapter 1060 follow me, okay? (twenty)


Qinjia words and Shay both parents meeting will be very successful, Qin mother very satisfied with Shay, Shay parents Qin GREENVILLE more like the incredible, really hit it off on both sides of the parents in the conference, directly laid down two people marriage.

When both parents discuss what time wedding reception, then remembered to ask advice Qinjia words and Shay's, and when did the Gu Yusheng villa Qin mother asked Shay when her parents for dinner, as Shay look to the Qin GREENVILLE, a Vice listen to what he looks like, Qin GREENVILLE face a table of people cast eyes, without any hesitation, useless slightest pause back to the sentence:. "listen to your schedule."

Qin mother and the summer home of the parents heard the answer, it is very, very pleased, two mothers on the spot began to look for people wondered if someday see the auspicious wedding set do.

Things behind, to the development of the Qin GREENVILLE far to ride than expected, and far faster.

Both parents will meet on the third day, early in the morning, brush your teeth are GREENVILLE Qin, Qin mother holds on a piece of paper, excitedly rushed in, stood in the bathroom door and cheerfully directed at Qin GREENVILLE speak, she had to find the guru Shay took his date of birth and counted, and engagement party at the 18th of next month, could not be better.

Today is the 28th of the month, leaving in just twenty days.

He decided to leave the Soviet Union from the situation until now has been a month and ten days of this month and ten days, he has not had any news of Soviet intelligence, the Soviet Union did not re-seen side of the situation, at this moment, as long as he directed his mother nodded, not dissent, twenty days later, he and Soviet intelligence really is two completely different people in the world.

Qin GREENVILLE brushing action micro paused, looked up and he did not dare to look in the mirror before him, afraid to see signs of hesitation from his face, he was forced directed at the mother's "ah" sound, like a resolute tone in 说给自己听: "If you had time to think, I have no problem."

GREENVILLE married before when hurried Qin, Qin Qin mother anxious from the mouth GREENVILLE hear the case, but now since this time, Qin GREENVILLE anything about marriage that she proposed is simply obedience, Qin mother happy happy, where can always feel that something was amiss, standing in the bathroom doorway, staring at the smooth action of brushing his teeth Qin GREENVILLE looked for a moment, open asked: "? GREENVILLE, you is not got something on your mind."

Qin GREENVILLE off the eyelids, through the mirror, looked at her mother, shook his head and said: "? No, ah, how do you ask"

"Is that where the strange ......" Qin mother paused, or to heart the words, asked out: "? GREENVILLE, are you serious about getting married yet."

GREENVILLE Qin did not answer anxious mother, then rinse and clean the mouth, turned, and looked moist and clean look for the mother: "I never joke about marriage."

Qin mother exhaled breath, my heart some slightly comfortable, until the Qin GREENVILLE turned face, she stared at her son and looked for a moment, he found Qin GREENVILLE posture elegant style, is more certain they want more, no longer speak, and turned to leave Qin GREENVILLE bedroom.

Wait until the door is closed, the entire room was plunged into a silent stillness, Qin GREENVILLE only raised his hand, turned off the tap.

He seemed a statue of the general, bowed his head, directed at the white wash basin looked a long time before pumping a towel, wiped his face slowly in drops.

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