Chapter 1033 she was my sister-in-law (c)

Chapter 1033 she was my sister-in-law (c)

With the sweet sound of ringing Lin, Qin GREENVILLE lashes blinked awake from the shock over, implied gaze jumps from sweet smile on her face to face deep forest, at her gently nod, that he heard her introduction.

Although he did not speak, just a slight reaction, one can see Qin GREENVILLE will be attracted, he looks like a forest wiped the honey sweet heart general, sweetness and he said: "My mother is the sister to accompany me to make up a blind date of."

In fact, she is afraid of blind date are not satisfied, Dora a man, and good critical moment to escape.

Qin GREENVILLE smile, turned around to see the Soviet Union the situation, he looked calm the situation as if the Soviet Union is not only a prime masked man, polite aloud:. "Mrs. Lin, Hello"

Mrs. Su Lin ...... love finger flick, the phone almost slipped and fell to the ground from the palm, but fortunately she was going to react timely to re-hold, She lowered her eyelids, lips raised a touch of shallow micro arc, "You well, Mr. Chin. "

After asking each other too well, apparently nothing to GREENVILLE Qin and Su love to say re-look to the forest sweet: "What do you want to drink?"

"I want cappuccino, sister like me." Lin sweet back.

Qin GREENVILLE nodded, raised his hand, greeted the waiter.

He points single, vertical pupil of the eye for a long time the Soviet intelligence, set off eyelids, looked at with a bit of Qin directed GREENVILLE quietly looked over.

After so many years, his features still remember the exquisite appearance, wearing a Slim suits him, the people lining the handsome but spirit than in the past a little something sentimental, a little more mature stabilize, also reveals a feeling of loyalty to an scenery between gestures.

Unexpectedly, one day, he could even become so reversed beings, perfectly well, it is no wonder Lin sweet sight of her, he immediately grabbed her sleeve, said she wanted to, she met her Mr. Right.

"Sir, may I ask you also need some other?" Qin GREENVILLE finish after a single point, the waiter asked the sentence.

"No, thank you." Qin GREENVILLE finished back, they put a menu and handed the waiter, turned around and directed at forest seems sweet.

Aware of his actions in such a situation the Soviet Union, he found himself afraid to see him secretly, and hurried to the line of sight from the Qin GREENVILLE who move away, pretending to look down the phone.

"Mr. Chin, I heard my mother say, you are in Hangzhou, a college student?" Lin Qin sweet GREENVILLE want to leave the best impression, when looking for a topic to talk, but also the lovely crooked head tilt.

Qin lips GREENVILLE micro hook, concise back:. "Yes"

"I was very young my parents sent abroad to study, and we have no chance to take around the country, especially in Hangzhou, there is time, if Mr. Chin to Hangzhou, then, can you bring me?"

"Well ......"

See Qin promised GREENVILLE, forest sweet smile of increasingly sweet, "Mr. Chin, you interested in art? I learned oil painting in a foreign country is, if interested, I can make a special trip for you picture ......"


Whole coffee table, the vast majority are forest sweet in his speech, though twitter, somewhat noisy, but fortunately her sweet voice, not so annoying.

Qin GREENVILLE good education, regardless of forest sweet talk topics, he is interested or not interested, she will respond.

Contrary Soviet intelligence, sat, down from start to finish to maintain eye look, did not make the slightest sound too.

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