Chapter 1026 ending April new book see (f)

Chapter 1026 ending April new book see (f)

"Half the city after the brother received your call the night before, the mood has been very bad, like a night did not rest, then made a high fever yesterday afternoon, in the evening I found, and now others in the hospital, I went home, It is to help him get a change of clothes. "


Xu warm and fruit arrived at the hospital, already nine o'clock in the morning.

Out of the lift, Xu warm and the fruit looked at each other, then only two girls one after strode towards the land half of the city's wards.

Ward door ajar, land and half the city has to wake up, and there came the faint sound of his dialogue and doctors.

Although not all the truth to tell the fruit of many warm, it promised to be warm so many things come clean fruit, or some timid, several took a deep breath, raised his hand before drum courage, pushed the door open.

Lu heard the movement of doctors and half of the city, spontaneously turned around, it seems directed at the door.

Doctors know the fruit, the friendly smile, "Miss Easy, you're here."

"Luo good doctor." Fruit is back with a faint smile, after greeting played, look to the land and half of the city: "half the city brother, how are you feeling now?"

"A lot better." Lu sound of the opening half of the city, gentle gently, so much, he also directed at the touch of soft fruit bloom smile, then pointed to the chair next to the bed: "What do standing at the door, and quickly come sit."

Fruit is "ah" sound, still parked in the doorway, did not come.

Lu half of the city looked at her eyes, diffuse a layer of doubt, he was about to open and asked what had happened fruit, fruit spit on the force of breath, "the city of a half brother, someone looking for you."

Then, she let the door bang mouth, hand, pulled up standing behind their promise warm, she will promote the ward.

Lu Xu warm half of the city to see, and instantly shocked. Xu and his eyes straight warmth in their eyes for a moment, and then woke up to God from the shock of her sudden appearance in the past, then you look to the side standing in the warm promise of fruit.

Girls micro hanging his head, bit his lip hard the corner, hands still desperately grabbing skirt.

From small to large, as long as the fruit is guilty, it will be the site looks like.

Xu warm in his doorway, while the fruit is still so uneasy ...... Lu half of the city subconsciously turn eyes fell on the promise of warm face, just as stupidly, he did not notice her look, only to see him at this time , eye irritation powerful girl, apparently crying for a long time, looking at his eyes, full of affection and sadness, corner of my eye, occasionally go out into his lap floating about, then eyes will diffuse from the a layer of fog ......

Just a short moment, land and half the city came to understand, suddenly turned around, glared with anger of the fruit: "? You tell her something."

Fruit is the roar of the subconscious jumped back a step, hiding behind a promise of warmth.

She piece of reaction, so that half of the city's land anger far better than: "Easy fruit Did not I tell you so that you do not disturb her do you take my words are heeded, is not it!??!"

Fruit raised his hand tightly grasping the promise of warm skirts, whisper for help call the sentence:. "Warm sister"

Fortunately, she did not cry, this cry, Lu half of the city suddenly grabbed the bed pillows, directed at the fruit is smashed over.

Xu grazed the pillow and warm fruit ear, fall in the corridor.

Xu warm from standing in the doorway, staring at the land has been half of the city look sight resumed.

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