1001 End of the World stranger chapter, will no period (a)

1001 End of the World stranger chapter, will no period (a)

The late Qin Zhi love, seems to have something important to keep the promise to share the warmth in general, all the way to go in front of her, sorry saying, "warm, I'm sorry to keep you waiting," opened on rapid Xu warm in front of a chair to sit down, then raised his hand, greeted the waiter, rapid point of a meal, such as a waiter to leave, can not wait to low voice, he said: "warm, do you remember me a while back, with you Tucao say, half the city does not know brother gone, recently not contact yet? "

Xu warm I did not expect Qin Zhi love to speak and mentioning is land half of the city, she is carrying the teapot, pouring the action a little pause, the only drooping lower eyelids, light "ah" sound, while continuing unhurried of tea , one side smooth voice spoke again asked: "I remember ah, how?"

"Last night, a half brother to the city called the rest of his life," Xu warm before the second set of voice faded, one second after Qin Zhi Love followed spoke up, tone with an indescribable uncomfortable: "I I know, that he did not this time and we are in contact, not to the United States, but something happens ...... "

Out of trouble? Xu warm eyebrows severely wrinkled, Duanzhaochabei fingertips, some could not help but increase the strength, and after a moment, she looked pale natural, look to the Qin Zhi Love, "What's the matter? Is it serious?"

"Especially serious." Qin Zhi love outspoken.

Xu sent warm heart thump is heard, then she heard Qin Zhi love sigh of relief, some unfortunately out loud: "Half the city his brother suffered a serious leg injury, now can not walk ......"

Xu warm hand flick, cups were thrown at the tea table, tea and water for a desktop, along the edge, fell on her clothes, next to the waiter saw, quickly stepped forward to help wipe, like many warm a wooden general, sat motionless, after leaving the waiter busy preparing, staring at her large eyes peering Qin Zhi love my brain flashed several times she had just thrown "can not walk," these word before trembling voice asked: "What can not walk?"

"That is, now half-brother city, with people with disabilities, we can only rely on a wheelchair ......"

Xu warm brain, and instantly went blank.

"Last night, after the rest of his life he received a call, I went to see him and the rest of his life, he sat in a wheelchair, people lost a lot, looking haggard reveals, in short, really pathetic."

"Half the city brother good person, you say how come out of such a thing? Think people feel sorry ......"

Qin Zhi love even say several words, Xu warm it gently rolled his eyes, spoke again, softly read the sentence: "? Can not walk."

Her voice is very small, sitting opposite Qin Zhi love could not hear: "warm, what do you say?"

"He can not walk the walk again ......?" Xu Qin Zhi warm like not to hear words of love just in general, continue murmured low remembered: "Recently when I met him, he obviously looks good ah, how he I will not walk it? ah, how he can not walk? "

Only to hear her last words, "how he can not walk?" Qin Zhi love, thought she was asked her to dish the waiter, to promise a warm plate clip some before opening back.

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