Chapter 987 Love in the Time (xv) quietly

Chapter 987 Love in the Time (xv) quietly

There are fruit eyes tear spilled over.

She will never forget, when half the city was taken to hospital land and people, and that dead look just how scary; she also never forget the doctor pronounced he could not be saved, she emerged out of the heart of panic; she never all forget, he was in a coma, kept shouting is "warm", opened his first seconds of the eye, can not be ignored that they have legs to walk, the first question is: "warm, okay? "

After he was discharged, he is resting at home, the once high-flying loyalty to the image, and all of a sudden turned into a wheelchair company, and how his heart would feel better? He can not see anyone, even his best friend's brother rest of his life, he did not re-contact. More than once she saw him sitting in a wheelchair, staring out the window in a daze, more than once, saw him looking at the cell phone candid photos of Xu warm smile, absent-minded, dim.

Really love, you will be so wronged himself.

She was really reluctant to agree to this request half of the city's land, because for her, did not drag drag Xu warm, not her concern, she cares about is his happiness.

She may face land half of the city's eyes, could not say how she refuses to do so.

"Fruit, my life had such a girl would like, I really hope she can live well, if you really care about me, you would protect her for me, so I will be very happy."

Fruit tears, followed by an uncontrolled one Zala down, for a moment, she raised his hand and casually wiped his tears back: "I know, half the city brother, I will not find her. "

Then, the fruit of his eyes and wet.

"Well, do not cry, wait a minute for them to see, and I thought, how the." Moist land and half of the city's opening coax.

Fruit Meng nodded, for a moment, it stopped the tears, out of paper towels, clean and wipe the tears his face before landing push half of the city, into the house.


Lu half of the city's car, opened off for a long time, Xu also warm like a fool in general, stand still did not move.

Gradually the dark sky, surrounded by neon lights, a show followed by a show of lights, until the hungry to the extreme Xu warm, feeling stomach pumping thrown the slightest pain, she blinked awake to God.

She stared at Lu half of the city where the car just stopped, stay Leng Leng looked a long time before the clouds gait, walked beside his car.

Driving a car, opened some distance aimlessly, see the street there is a chain of fast-food restaurant, then it stopped.

Inside, many warm dishes themselves do not know exactly how the point, do not know in the end is how to eat a meal, all in all, until she was conscious again, she had people sitting in the car.

She did not start the car, through the windshield, looking at the road ahead constantly lit taillights, my mind can not help but emerge out of the afternoon and half the city land the girl of interactive scenes.

He directed the girl laugh so gentle, he reached out and touched the girl's hair ...... in his two months without any contact with her, he has been and the girl together?

Afternoon on the spot to see when they interact, emerge out of that tract is tingling, once again climbed the heart, mingled with a deep loss, and thick sour.

This feeling, so she had to face his own heart, land and half of the city, it is no longer that she hated land half the city.

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