Chapter 969 legacy watch (nine)

Chapter 969 legacy watch (nine)

Until blood falling to the ground, issued a ticking sound, middle-aged man was suddenly awake, looking at the land and half the city pierce the leg in the blade, Wei Zheng startled, smiled at it, held out his hand, clapping opening said: "I did not see it, you were kind of infatuation, really it was impressive ah ......"

Middle-aged man making the move look, look hyperactive spoke the verse: "...... advent of what love is, straight people Shengsixiangxu ......"

Stop clapping movements, middle-aged man, then turn the wind, and sharp tone up: "...... But, we said Mito is good, there twice, continue it ......"

Lu half of the city holding the handle of a fingertip, because of the pain, trembling slightly, his pinched lips lost color.

Middle-aged man waiting for approximately a minute, he does not see the follow-up move, gossip bother to say it's directed at the knife-wielding man handed a look.

Knife-wielding man's hand, not force, land and half the city would bite the bullet and knife from his lap to pull out.

Blood flow more violent, not for a while, it will be dyed red pants.

He faced middle-aged man keen on pleasing the eyes, looking firmly raised his hand again, pierced his thigh, after another two wounds, so he gave a grunt of pain, and then he pulled out a blade and off the third stabbed into it.

Pain so that he gasped, then he would hold your breath, slowly raised his head, a knife-wielding man on the eyes, it took a while, he was shaking his teeth, clear words, stressing each syllable He asked: "can knife, took it from her?"

Knife-wielding man look to the middle-aged man.

Himself in such a way, but also thinking this woman ...... middle-aged man in my heart a little sarcasm directed at the knife-wielding man nodded.

Knife-wielding man the knife away, into a pocket, collar release clutching Xu warm hand, there is still soft again she fell to the ground.

Middle-aged man glanced leg stabbed Mito, obviously has some barely half of the city land slowly fell to his knees on the ground, is directed at the kick over half of the city land legs open man told: "Find rope, put him tied up. "


Hear the response, middle-aged man touched a cigarette from his pocket, lit up like a big concern but the general, laid-back pumping up.

He can not just fall, he had to ensure her safety.

What's more, Wu Hao can not promise rescued from the hands of three people warm, is unknown, he can not throw her in such an unknown risk.

So, even if he fell, he also preserved her ......

Lu half the city endured the pain, while turning thoughts in my heart, three people indoors while observing a moment.

In addition to a man, to find outside the ropes, two other people have started chatting about something else.

Sure enough, just as he thought, he is not injured, three were not let down our guard, he had been so ruthless to their own Mito, nursing she is one, and the second is to allow three people to relax their vigilance.

The only way he can find flaws.

His leg injury, will not last long, he must be in the shortest possible time, took her to the safest place.

The safest place ...... Lu half of the city will look, fell behind Xu did not warm glass window, the window is the river, through the whistling of the wind, you can hear the faint sound of the river flow.

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