Chapter 963 legacy watches (c)

Chapter 963 legacy watches (c)


After many warm hang up the phone readily inserted into the bag, a two-step move to the roadside, she just stand, there is a middle-aged man dressed in black had come down from the bridge.

Xu warm and not too concerned, because of cold weather, she will face up to the collar buried underground.

Middle-aged man and seems to find a way, staring bewildered signs looked for a moment, then he went to the front of Xu warm, polite opening asked: "? Miss, what direction to Wangfujing, how should I go"

Wangfujing ...... Xu warm side looked to the right, side raised his hand, she just directed at middle-aged man ready to answer the opening, middle-aged man suddenly Wushang hand on her face.

Middle-aged man's hands, a piece of damp cloth sprayed syrup, warm Xu did not have any time to think, the whole person into a coma in a group.


Fortunately, she said, waiting for him under the bridge, how would gone?

Lu half the city frowned, pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and rapid, looking for a promise of warm phone and dialed out.

Blank for a few seconds, the phone came the move official female voice: "Sorry, you dial the phone was switched off."

Shutdown? Hey what she shut the machine?

Lu half of the city's heart, suddenly thump a cry, an indescribable, very bad feeling, and instantly covered with his body.

This is not what happened, right?

I thought, turning once half the city land sight, the situation carefully around the bridge, read it again, nothing strange.

Also, just from him and she ended the call, to the present, but also on the way fifty-six minutes, such a short time, you can what happened?

Maybe after she hung up his phone, cell phone happens to no electricity, and she temporarily change his mind, do not want to meet him, simply to block a taxi to go, after all, she has always been so for him to resist ......

Lu half the city micro smacks her lips, she pressed a dim pressure on the heart, turn around, just going back again "magnificent", on the corner of my eye Luedao, diagonally across the street, a man carrying a woman, sneaky He went before a white van parked roadside.

Open the door, the man stuffed into rapid woman.

A series of moves, happened very fast, because separated by some distance, under darkness and fog, vision Lu half of the city is not particularly clear, but he just discern, the woman's dress color, and many warm clothes to wear tonight color seems to be the same ......

The promise will not be warm, right?

Lu half the city a bit tight chest, then saw that bike white van door was closed, followed by the van began to move slowly, and soon, the car to open to open the main road, land and half the city clearly see the van is no license plate number of.

Driving without a license, the man just so unusual reaction also ...... one second flash of land half of the city's brain before these two thoughts, one second after he quickly ran to the parking lot, looking for his car, get on, punch the direction of the van opened from the chase.

Although he is not determined that the woman into the car, in the end is not promised warm, but just that scene is too weird, if not promise a warm, reassuring him plan a follow up, if indeed promised land half of the city suddenly warm ...... stepped on his foot hard on the accelerator, the car picked up speed.

Lu half the city full recovery of the nearly ten-minute appearance along the main road, only to see the shadow of distant bike white van.

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