Chapter 864 you also go away (seven)

Chapter 864 you also go away (seven)

Secretary looked back at him for a little while, stepped forward: "Army Headquarters?"

Lu half of the city immersed in their own world, without any response.

"Army Headquarters, your coffee is cold, I'll cook fresh cup of it." Secretary standing around half of the city's land, waited a moment, then out loud, and then directed his hand to touch the coffee cup.

Her fingertips have not met his finger, as if he was frightened by what the general, suddenly shoved back two steps back.

He magnitude of some large coffee spilled out, fell on his arm, leaving a piece of dirt on his white shirt.

"Yeah!" The secretary Di Hu cry, and looked around the eyes, and saw a paper towel, then went on the coffee table.

Soon, the secretary returned to the land around half of the city, holding a paper towel, landing on the red half of the city's arm to wipe: "Army Headquarters, let me help you simply rub, wait a minute your clothes off, I help you wash it ...... "

Secretary said a lot of chatter, land and half the city did not hear a word, looking trance turned to look out the window.

Deep night, the lights dim, she drank so much wine, not good health, most of the night ran out, Will there be any surprises?

"Army Headquarters, wipe clean, you still off, do you?" Look secretary Lu half of the city will be looking out the window the night, long time no response, he held out his hand and shook his arm.

Lu half of the city called whole body trembling, slowly turned around to look to the secretary.

"Army Headquarters, holding a coffee cup I help you, your clothes off ......"

Then secretary of the not yet finished, the land would take away half the city was clutching her skirt arm, pointed his finger at the entrance: "Go!"

"Army Headquarters?" Toot Duzui secretary, somewhat reluctantly.

"I let you out of here!" Lu finished half of the city like patience general consumption, the hands of the coffee cup, fiercely thrown out.

Accompanied by a sound Cui Xiang, coffee cup to break into pieces.

Secretary scared to go two steps back, looking at the land and half the city, did not dare speak.

Lu half of the city to see her standing in the same place not to go, and roared out: "! Roll"

Secretary hardly a moment's hesitation, panic turned pro, carry a bag, out of the land and half of the city's apartment.

With the door shut once again, the huge room, leaving only half of the city land a man.

In his place stood silent for a moment, then he raised his hand, while off the dirty shirt off, while directed at the master bedroom door.

Opened the bathroom door, standing under the shower, ready to punch a hot bath to bed, the result of more red, the more upset, and finally not finished, it suddenly shut the faucet, casually pumping a towel, wiped clean body, even the hair did not rub, looking for a dress to wear, she took the car keys and left the house.


Qin Zhi Gu Yusheng love married, has lived for a long time did not go to rent a room.

After Xu warm in the land proposed to move half of the city he lives in, thinking rental empty, waste of money, he found a landlord back rent.

Now middle of the night, she drunk, back home, will only make parents worry.

Xu warm out of the lift, roadside stand for a moment, then stopped a taxi and went to the company.

The company's twelve close late at night, in addition to the security room was on duty on the first floor, empty.

Xu warm before sitting at his desk, facing the terrible silence around, I do not know how, eyes suddenly diffuse from the touch of pain.

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