Chapter 854 strangers in the same room (vii)

Chapter 854 strangers in the same room (vii)

Cried and cried, the picture is transformed into her lying cold on the operating table, the doctor gave her surgery, removed the child's picture ......

Xu warm sleeping, more powerful body trembling, tears flow more, to eventually issue very light sobs.

So she did not know how long repressed whispered cry, she suddenly shuddered, he woke up, opened his wet eyes.

Pleasant to the eye, is dark.

She was lying in bed, she took a deep breath several, hand pressed to the side of the switch.

Interior lights came up, she stared at the ceiling for a moment Lengzheng, barely propped himself and sat up.

Top-heavy powerful, raised his hand and touched the forehead, hot scary.

Xu warm leaning against the bed, adjusted his mood a little dream, then opened the quilt, bed.

Some badly burned, petrified of the effort does not come out, she took a long time before they dawdle a second bedroom, into the bathroom.

Turn on the tap, holding a touch cold water, flapping in his face, breathing a little smooth some, this opened the door, he strode slowly rub out of the bathroom and went to the restaurant.

The steady arm trembled a little, take a cup of warm water, just to his lips, vaguely heard outside the restaurant, the door came the sound of voices.

Xu warm water movements, micro Dayton down, wait a minute, did not hear any sound, just thought she had imagined it, he looked up, drank half a glass of water, put down the glass, dragging the body Shen soft, barely moved in front of the living room coffee table, he took the medicine cabinet, slumped on the sofa, looking from the antipyretics.

Turned not a few, Xu warm and heard a very slight sound of the door, she looked like a conditioned reflex, to see the master bedroom door was open, not seen in a month and a half terrestrial city, dressed in a carrying case, from the inside out.

He formerly resident here, must have a lot of common things in here, he came back tonight, is to pack some important things, right?

Xu Lu stared warm half of the city saw less than a second, even he did not touch the eyes, on the bow, again look to the medicine cabinet.

Lu half the city specifically looking for a night, go home, and many did not think that would warm a face to face, he looked at her when he, the body rigid, and had closed the door, quiet stopped.

After a little while, he would gaze fell on her.

She did not have to look at him, head down, I do not know what drugs rummaging in the medicine box.

She is sick?

Her head drooping somewhat severe, he could not see her face, but she can be seen from the figure, just one month time, she lost a lot.

She should find her to eat the medicine, the medicine box placed on the sofa, holding a box of medicine, he stood up, very slow pace into the restaurant.

With the disappearance of her figure, and half the land the city would draw the line of sight from the back door of the restaurant, again fell on the coffee table, placed above a box of instant noodles.

Lu half of the city carrying hand luggage, slowly increase the strength involuntary.

He stared at the boxes of instant noodles looked about as big as half a minute, then forced himself to recover to God, posture calmly shut the door, carrying a box, toward the porch.

He finished changing shoes, just ready when pushed open the door, I heard the sound of the restaurant came bursts of coughing, followed by the sound of glass fell to the ground issued his shadow shock of the earthquake, the people facing the stiff door of the room stood a moment, finally he held out his hand, screwed to the door, move, out of the house.

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