Chapter 852 strangers in the same room (v)

Chapter 852 strangers in the same room (v)

This time, she, after listening to his long list of words, body gently shaking a bit, taut lips, no longer silent.

I wonder if she is not being Jieduan his sentence, then stab wounds to the weakness of self-esteem, her eyes somewhat bleak, Wood, lifeless.

Her silence, so that half the city land also followed did not speak again.

Bedroom, quiet.

Lu half of the city condescending stare Xu warm, watching her read a long, long time, so long that her heart thrown a burst of indescribable panic, land and half the city was a look of cold Su spoke up: "You do not want me there are too many involve you? just ...... "

Night thing, he is not, so then, to her how his cold, disgust, he is suffering from.

She removed the child about it, he really can not accept, can not be tolerated.

Perhaps from the start, he should not approach her.

Lu half the city to force myself not to be deep in my heart that touch of pain and soft confused by the steady tone, continued to speak: "I now ...... and you do not want to have too much involved, I forced you, you kill me children, from now on, we do not owe the two! "

Yes, the two do not owe.

His guilt to her, pamper her, and like her, in her leash to kill his children that moment, she had been cruel to cut off.

"Do not worry, wedding anniversary that day, I will certainly let you go, prior to this, you do not have to worry that I will not bother you like before entangled you, because ......"

Lu half of the city paused, his mouth the words, and the words flowed clear and cold out: "...... From now on, you are no longer who I was, with my half-dime no relationship!"

Lu finished half of the city, not so many warm slightest reaction, it straightened himself, turned and left the room.

Second bedroom door, came the sound of a series of rustling, then the living room, the door was opened, the left behind, the huge apartment, suddenly became open down.

Xu maintain warmth before landing half of the city to leave the position, no focus his eyes on the bed staring out the window, he sat a long time before slowly moving eyes twitch, slowly recovered.

She pulled the quilt, covered in his own body, then curled body, closed his eyes.

Surgery done, she was covered, where very uncomfortable, the doctor told her that home must convalesce, but how she could not sleep, my mind is a picture shake all afternoon on the operating table.

When she was on the operating table, tears just no way out of the river embankment general, Raining Cats and down stream.

She could clearly feel that the child is connected to the body and her blood, in her disappearance from the world a little bit.

Obviously played anesthesia, she still pain shake.

She not only give Wuhao Sheng child, she went to the city and land half this step now, and Wu Hao does not have any relationship, even if her life, from beginning to end have not had the presence of Wu Hao, she will not leave this child.

Even if that matter, has passed more than a month, can every night, she would often wake up, always I felt that she was being bullied.

The arrival of this child, but also remind her that night she was in the end is how despair and helpless, watched the land was taken away half of the city his innocence.

She hated land half of the city, she was afraid of that hate to bring their own children.

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