Chapter 830 Then like you (10)

Chapter 830 Then like you (10)

His movements look faster than it once a weight ratio, continued brutal bullying over her body.

Xu warm and just felt as if the whole person was abruptly torn in two, as wave after wave of pain like a wave, drowned her nerves, the pain reminded her land half the city succeeded, she was seized him I went innocence ......

Unspeakable despair and desolation instantly covered her body, she clearly saw that he was pressing the body of the man, merciless toward the seamless hell bottomless, and she can not do anything only in this painful ordeal, bitter torment.


I do not know how long, half the city land finally stopped.

Lu Xu half of the city lie in the warm body, breath unsteady breath for a moment of light gas, only slowly recovered, he stared at Xu warm white earlobe, Weicu frown, did not respond to some short-lived fad over what really happened, and after a few seconds, only to gaze slowly turned to the girl's face.

Girls like a dead fish-like, stiff body lying next to his body, motionless. Staring at the ceiling lights delicate eyes some slack. Wood's face, like a fright.

Body to vent, let Jiujin awake a half, just one land under their own half of the city realized just out of control, what can be done. His eyes suddenly climbed up a layer of panic, he was a bit overwhelmed stared at her for a moment, barely moving a bit of lip, he issued a touch of dry voice: "warm ......"

Simply a tone, like a bomb in general, Xu warm scared of the whole person suddenly scream out loud: "Do not touch me, I beg you, do not touch me ......"

Subsequently, her whole person I do not know where they come from strength, suddenly he will be a push from her body, then bounce up and casually caught by his clothes torn broken, blocked in the body, curled up in the corner of the sofa, preparedness looked at him, and a low sentence read: "please, come on, come on up ......"

Soft tone so humble, so that half the city land a stifled breath, chest instantly annoyed and guilt flooded over.

He thought the want to hurt her so, he did not know exactly how he had just a ......

Lu half the city had never been so helpless, his brains like a long time, barely came up with the words: "warm, I, I did not mean ......"

Not intentional?

She then asked him, and he did not let her, abruptly control her, to force her, and now he turned and told her that he did not mean ......

Xu warm felt like the whole world heard the funniest joke, she glanced land and half of the city, panic stood up from the couch, shaking his legs, propped now still hurts a terrible body, toward the toilet.

With the bathroom door was closed, the huge living room, leaving only half of the city land a man.

He sat stiff on the couch for a while, got up, just ready to go to the master bedroom to find clothes to wear, corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a red from the sofa.

Lu stunned moment half of the city, while, until the line of sight abruptly drew back, lifted his foot and into the master bedroom.

Lu half the city simply had a bath, even the hair did not rub directly against the dripping hair, turn back to the living room.

Xu warm hiding in the bathroom, not out.

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