Chapter 779 rivers, mountains, protect you well (9)

Chapter 779 rivers, mountains, protect you well (9)

Gu Yusheng concise words, the tone light, but still can be heard Qin Zhi love emotionally heavy.

She always thought those things Gu Yusheng described happen on television, novels, or news reports, the far, far away from her, the moment she discovered, from her too close too close.

Hospitals in the city, came out, did not bring Qin Zhi Gu Yusheng love directly on the train home, but holding her hand, walking slowly along the city's glittering bright when set foot on the bridge, Gu Yusheng standing on bridge the highest point, stopped.

Two people standing side by side, like water is below the car to drive to the distant high-rise buildings, beautiful and spectacular flourishing scene.

Theater can Gu Yusheng pointed up in front of the left, out loud, he said: "Five years ago, I split off a bomb in there ...... that day, many school students, in a play yard doing activities ...... no one knows, they excitedly in a few hours, in fact, experienced a life and death ...... "

After Gu Yusheng and together, Qin Zhi love is not never asked him, some of the things in the army, he told her the most are some interesting, this is the first time she tells this thrilling but tragic situation.

She is not stupid, you know what he said in front of so many, in fact, are paving the way, the next is really the focus.

He did not speak delay, she did not ask, so two people stood quietly, listening to the wind, the sound of the car, watching the lights, neon.

It took a while, Qin Zhi Gu Yusheng love to hear voices coming from overhead: "The little love, you know?"

"There are so many people can be toward the nine to five commute to and from school every day, there are so many people can sit together blame life stress, there are so many people can a family and I went out to play at the weekend, in fact, the hidden behind the peaceful prosperity ...... there are many unknown lives and blood. "

"They are like normal people, but also very afraid of death, but sometimes, knowing that the road ahead is a dead end, but they still have to hesitate to go."

"Because faith, as have sworn in under the flag, because of their love lives and loved ones on their take care of this piece of mountains and rivers."

"Little Love ......" Gu Yusheng shouted her name, so she looked up to him when he spoke before continuing: "...... before yesterday I was led forces called away, because talking about things that are confidential, so the phone down detained. "

Qin Zhi love heart emerges a hint of bad feeling, light "ah" sound, did not see Gu Yusheng.

"...... The reason they get you into trouble, with many years ago, when I was in the army, to deal with some of the relevant external border forces ......"

Specific things, after all, can not be said of very detailed, Gu Yusheng only the most casual sentence in passing.

"...... old captain is dead in their hands, but then I became captain, then later I retired, for the people, this is not poured in it ...... In recent years, there are not too many lives in their hands up ...... now rest with them played against, few people ...... let go of some not played against, the result will only make matters worse ...... "

Gu Yusheng like language in general as appropriate, paused for a child, only to re-open, said:. "Little Love, I'm sorry, I can not for the time being may now go to Hangzhou door propose marriage."

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