Chapter 749 car accidents truth (19)

Chapter 749 car accidents truth (19)

"Ah ...... just off the plane for a while ...... not much in the way back up ...... yes, yes little love connection, I just ran half the city ...... good brother, good-bye."

After many warm hang up, the car is quiet for about half a minute, Qin Zhi love turned around and asked: "? Wu Hao call it"

"Ah." Xu warm light nod.

"You have now been in contact with?" Qin Zhi Love hesitated to ask.

Xu warm staring out the window looked for a moment, and light nod: "Yes."

Lu slipped and half of the city, nearly caught the tail the vehicle in front, but his quick response, even if the brakes.

"Then you, and how he was prepared to do?" Qin Zhi Love said.

Xu Qin warm Chih did not directly answer questions of love, probably selected for so long, she has not selected one answer: "Little love, he said to me, he is slender and Jiang have not contacted ......"

This answer, in fact, shows the promise of a warm heart, still thinking to forgive Wu Hao, is not it?

Qin Zhi love silent for a moment, that she quietly he said: "? After all reluctant to do."

Xu Min Chun sip a warm, drooping eyelids silent for a moment, inviting lips smiled softly read the sentence: "Little love, I was with him for ten years ......"

Ten years, life is so few years.

Her best time, Wu Hao and all related word.

Now, let her give up, equivalent to cutting off her Half-Life.

She is thinking of Wu Hao and separate, but that's a few months of her travel abroad and see the beautiful scenery, will think about it, this is like the style of bong, eat delicious meals, will think about, this is Wu Hao like the taste, see beautiful clothes, will think about it, this is like Wu Hao taste ......

Simply saying, let Qin Zhi love speechless.

She thought of long ago, when to go to the hospital for check yourself, see Chiang slender, heart inexplicable some tears.

Her little scared own hunch is true, she hesitated for a moment, thinking about whether or not to tell many warm, the results have not opening, a car emergency brake, suddenly stopped at the side of the road.

Chatting Xu Qin Zhi love and warmth shocked, uniform raised his head, looked at the land and half of the city.

Lu half the city face no emotion, did not speak with two people, just opened the door, get off, around the trunk, the promise of warm carry luggage down on the side of the road, opened the door on the inside of the streets, schematic two people get off.

Xu Qin Zhi love and warmth off, somehow, looking up the eyes, look to the land and half of the city, Xu warm asked: "?? How you temporarily have something wrong."

Lu half of the city heard her voice, turned around, deep, deep gouge at her, then opened the driver's license of the door, sit in, kick the throttle suddenly sped away.

…… at the same time.

WX bong sitting in corporate office, holding a cell phone, he hesitated a moment, or just hang up the points Xu warm phone, write a message: "warm evening we ate a meal, right?"

He also points to send the phone screen came in a message: "Wu Hao, I have something to tell you."

More than three months is not linked to Jiang sent a slender, Wu Hao have not had time to respond, and a text message came in:. "I'm pregnant."


Mr. Gu Lao birthday that day, the weather was surprisingly good.

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