Chapter 723 lifetime promise, a promise, similar to white (3)

Chapter 723 lifetime promise, a promise, similar to white (3)

When gazing Gu Yusheng Qin Zhi love the corner of my eye, has come in migrating and Qin Liang Chih love cardamom own body side, the gentle touch on the lips move, but directed at Qin Zhi love playful tenderness spit ten words : "Xu life of a promise, similar to old age."

His voice is not high, but enough that he just went to Liang cardamom and her body side hear clearly.

Liang cardamom delicate face, and instantly faded color, painting a large red lips, began gently shake up, as if one looks about to cry.

Unfortunately, Gu Yusheng for all women except Qin Zhi tears of love comes naturally immune system, he was not the slightest sign of soft-hearted, but my heart is constantly contemplating a small mind.

Liang cardamom is not the most shameful, yet He is interested in Qin Zhi?

Today he and Qin Zhi love licensing of the day, they are the happy heart, you can beam cardamom appearance, so Qin Zhi love just For a moment unhappy, and that he is now, it intensified so that the beam cardamom unhappy Enough!

Thinking, Gu Yusheng tone was light, but a trace of indescribable warmth spoke up: "this life, I'm just one of you, will you be able to put my heart the moment stuffed full, it It is the difference between you and someone else. "

Gu Yusheng deliberately bite a bit heavy "others", and then he corner of my eye, clearly Luedao have a tear from under the beam cardamom sunglasses, severely Zala down.

Gu Yusheng directed Qin Zhi Love micro Cheleyixia lips, raised his hand and rubbed her hair, then her into her arms:. "The hour is late, we go home."

Subsequently, Gu Yusheng hugged Qin Zhi love, directed at the direction of the car parked around, but just took a step, think of what he is like as the slow pace suddenly put down: "Tomorrow, I'm going to find a housekeeper to let servants, and you are not the same, after all, the stomach is also more than a little. "

"How can so hypocritical?" Qin Zhi love shakes his head and refused.

"Overnight, his wife and children are all present, do not let me hypocritical hypocritical?" Because the beam from cardamom is slightly far, Gu Yusheng deliberately raised her tone, I do not know how many repeat themselves many times today, has been low-key show off, then, it appears to show off, in a blow to the beam cardamom listen.


Back in the car, Gu Yusheng start the car, go home to open, not half an hour gone, Gu Yusheng phone rang.

Qin Zhi love instinctively turned around, I looked at the phone screen lit Gu Yusheng.

Caller ID "Grandpa" word, let Qin Zhi love lips tight for a moment, then she would see to Gu Yusheng.

Intently while the man looked straight road straight ahead, while touching up the phone, he briefly glance at the phone screen, with that look of not much change, directly press the end key.

After not much for a while, Gu Yusheng phone rang a bell, this time he glanced directly to your cellphone has become muted.

Between the original two, very warm atmosphere, get a little quiet, the phone vibration sound in the car constantly surrounded.

Gu Yusheng do not know the phone number to call in the end into the Qin Zhi love finally did not hold back, out of the sound:. "Rest of his life, you better answer it."

"Nothing." Gu Yusheng smooth control of the steering wheel, light and sound back.

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