Chapter 713 Changle is young to accompany you, accompany you lose-lose (13)

Chapter 713 Changle is young to accompany you, accompany you lose-lose (13)

He is always so pale lips brushed against lips and kissed her, Qin Zhi love to kiss legs slightly weak, instinctively tried to kiss him back when he finally forced open her lips.

His house, hot hot, rub her teeth, she could not help but light Enleyisheng, when subconsciously want to use the tongue to touch his house, suddenly there is a cool thing, is he with his tongue, from his mouth, into the top of her mouth.

Qin Zhi love some, just the whole person from the warm - ignorant atmosphere, wake up, her subconscious licked his tongue to get something into her mouth, do not know what it is, Gu Yusheng lips, went from her lips move away, the people go two steps back with her again apart.

Qin Zhi love spread hand, the mouth and spit something out.

In the light irradiation, the diamond ring, reflects the dazzling light.

Just look, she will know that this is when she picked up the ring in the back garden.

He just is not really kiss her, but give her a ring?

Qin Zhi love amazement raised his head and look to the Gu Yusheng.

Gu Yusheng school leisurely stood before her, his face lights will play very handsome, he stared back at her eyes, deeply and passionately, then just words, stressing each syllable spoke up: "Would you like to marry ...... ?"

Like, ten years ago, the first time I saw him, she was willing to up.

Even if there is no wedding, even if there is no wedding, even if no blessings of family and friends, she is willing.

Qin Zhi love almost did not want to think of it directed at Gu Yusheng want to nod, but her actions have not come out, followed by Gu Yusheng spoke again: "...... marry me, happiness, happiness together, when suffering, suffering together, willing to let me accompany you Changle is young, accompany you lose-lose it? "

There are tears from his eyes Qin Zhi love, once again rolled down.

She directed Gu Yusheng, forced to be more oil and more vigorously nodded his head, for fear that he did not believe her resolute general, followed by the opening, and even said several times:. "Willing, willing, I am willing."

Gu Yusheng soft facial features instant mess, he from her palm, took the ring, with pockets of wet paper towel, wipe again, then dropped to one knee in front of her, from her hand solemnly executed, will ring, slowly put on her ring finger.

Qin Zhi Gu Yusheng hold anti-love's hand, pulled him up from the ground, then raised his head, take the initiative to kiss his lips.

He kissed her for a little while, he was a little left some of her lips:. "Little love, you have to believe me, I will properly resolve the grandfather side of things."

Qin Zhi love light "ah" sound, the lips and leans in front of his lips.

This time, she did not wait for the initiative to kiss him, and he caught her lips, but fierce kiss forced down.

Deep night, windy.

Not far from blowing the leaves squelch the sound.

The whole body of the balloon, constantly shaking.

Qin Zhi Gu Yusheng and love, kiss more and more investment, more and more confused the Sensation.

He and her breathing, also followed gradually messy, and he hugged her back hand and began restless across the clothes, stroking her skin.

In his fingertips, when a soft touch to her chest, although across the spring, he felt her skin temperature, his back suddenly a tight, kiss more and more anxious, more and more, kiss in the end, you want more, simply kissing her on the side, while the hospital moved forward to.

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