Chapter 688 still in love with me, are not you? (10)

Chapter 688 still in love with me, are not you? (10)

Wang was frightened occasion, walking in front, hands carry a bag full of Gu Yusheng, like suddenly remembered what, like, stopped in her tracks, turned and shot him a look.

Wang scared hastily held his breath.

Gu Yusheng Wang stared at the beads of sweat on his forehead and looks up for a moment, did not speak, turned and re-starting step child.

When that building into the home where love Qin Zhi, Gu Yusheng glanced Wang Ganggang small car parked in the downstairs, I thought the car mineral water, so to speak, said:. "I go and get a bottle of water."

Wang immediately do so.

Gu Yusheng will be in the hands of all the bags on the ground, then took Wang handed to the mineral water, facing the rearview, directed at the forehead, a few drops of water out, it looks like covered sweat general, this will be satisfactory to the hands of Wang mineral water a plug, then glanced at his forehead of sweat has not faded, and from his pocket and touched a handkerchief and handed Wang: "rub wipe the sweat on his forehead. "

Why not get to know before the second Gu Yusheng to engage drops on the forehead of Wang, see Gu Yusheng handed handkerchief in front, legs began to tremble.

Total care how suddenly so good for him ...... Wang him trembling fingers, took a handkerchief and wiped his forehead of sweat random, directed Gu Yusheng voice quivered, stumbling barely say a few words: " Gu, Gu always, thank, thank you! "

Gu Yusheng Wang looked grateful look, looking calm bent over, picked up the bag on the ground, step up the pace again since.

Wang hurried to keep up.

When stepped into the elevator, Gu Yusheng suddenly spoke up: "You do not thank me."

"Uh?" Wang a few eyebrows.

Gu Yusheng Wang sweep did not glance full of puzzled look, staring at the elevator mirror, the reflection, and carrying large bags, sweating "profusely" of their own, very pleased with the micro-throated nodded, then quiet tone light directed at Wang spoke up: "On the contrary, I want to thank you."

"Ah?" Wang did not understand more.

"If you are not casually tucao the way that sentence reminds me, I did not think, in approaching the Qin door, put everything carry over." Then, Wang Gu Yusheng on a ramp in his hand the mineral water: "I am so hard carrying things while you are still leisurely drinking water, so sharp contrast, I think, pro-aunt must think I'm particularly reliable whole person!"

Wang completely dumbfounded, after ten seconds, and finally understand the meaning of Gu Yusheng.

So now, he did not really care about him, but playing this pay attention!

He knew the big BOSS would not be so kind!

Elevator doors opened, Gu Yusheng carrying things, went out, Wang taking a closer look, the corridor are not a trash can, he can only clutching bottles of mineral water, as is in sharp contrast to bite the bullet and stepped forward, press the doorbell.


Into the room, Wang Gu Yusheng while watching the elegant smile directed at Qin mother said, "Qinbo Mu, while just down the phone, just passing through, the way you buy nutrition", while those directed at Qin mother introduced nutrition how to eat, sip Min Chun heart stopper.

When you see the excitement thank Qin mother looked Gu Yusheng, repeatedly said, "Gary, really let you spend money," and even took a towel, to wipe Gu Yusheng, Wang increasingly stuffed heart, and some do not see it go quietly turned to look out the window.

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