Chapter 684 still in love with me, are not you? (6)

Chapter 684 still in love with me, are not you? (6)

"The second thing, I recorded a video, give yourself four to personally slap you hit me that night, and double your money back to me!"

"As long as you do the second thing, I immediately called to the Director of Academic Affairs, for the time being to let him cheat your brother put off things, and so the first thing you do, it completely destroys itself in Gu after all the rest of his life there, I'll let your brother. "

"And I guarantee, since then, never find you in trouble."

"If you do not agree, it does not matter, Miss Qin, there is the method I toss you!"

"Ten minutes, ten minutes, I did not get you sent me a video, you wait for your brother was expelled from school now!"

Liang cardamom crackling say a long list of words, not love any opportunity Qin Zhi react to, put the phone hung up directly.


Qin Zhi love holding the phone, the whole body tremble gas.

For a moment, she turned her head, through the Office of Academic Affairs bright glass, she saw the mother Ma Lei side, while humble ask for help.

A pain in my heart, eyes suddenly turned red, she hurried to the line of sight received back, staring at the just opened not far from the peach looked for a while, and then bowed his head, look to the phone.

Really want to do that right in accordance with the beam cardamom say?

Qin Zhi Love grabbed the phone's palm, extra hard, joints are towering up, she bit her Yaochun angle, eventually opening the phone's camera.

She was forced to swallow a mouthful of saliva, seems unafraid of death in general, to point out camera in the video, is about to hit her fingertips when the phone screen, the phone into a call, and then point the finger impartial answer.

Qin Zhi love to pay attention to this caller, Wang is calling.

Phone are turned on, and then hang up, it is not very good, Qin Zhi love hesitated a moment, the phone held to the ear, hearing is Gu Yusheng voice: "Where are you now?"

At first heard the voice of Gu Yusheng, Qin Zhi love brains in a trance, she had not finished digesting the emotional heart fluctuations, Gu Yusheng end of the line, began to ask: "? Where is the big H"

How he knew, she was now in the school's GREENVILLE?

Qin Zhi Aina stuffy moved his lips, are not sound, Gu Yusheng telephone was cut off, then never far away came the sound of Wang: "Qin secretary."

Qin Zhi love-prestige go, just to see Gu Yusheng hand side of the phone and gave it to Wang, directed at his side busy schedule coming.

Behind him, in addition to the accompanying Wang, there are several Qin Zhi love men do not know.

Cardamom also speak before the second gas beam, the next second Gu Yusheng man appeared in front of us.

Qin Zhi love silly Leng Leng holding cell phone, standing still, some fat ignorant.

Gu Yusheng at a distance from her, there are about twenty meters, saw the look on her face some grievances, eyes wet, as if crying, he quickly side head, facing the man followed behind, leaving the two the word "stop", then quickened his pace, walked in front of Qin Zhi love.

Not seen for a short period of ten days, but warp in general.

Two people, looking quietly for a moment, Gu Yusheng before hand, will fall gently took her a peach down on the hair, softly he said: "? There someone you affected by the gas."

I do not know because of his appearance, Qin Zhi love or not they get to know the meaning of his words, the people still askew look blankly, open a pair of big wet eyes at him.

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