677 Chapter I woke up (11)

677 Chapter I woke up (11)

Xia brother met with force, we must respectfully saying "Xiasan Ye," Xia naturally not to describe him as "force brother."

After Xia Gu Yusheng finished speaking, he turned to look to the "power man" most capable assistant: "This is Mr. Gu Gu enterprise, he looking for you today to ask you something, you just We need to truthfully report it on the line. "

"Yes, Xiasan Ye." Brother force most capable assistant respectfully down, and then washed it Gu Yusheng say hello: "Gary is good."

Leaning against the couch Gu Yusheng lazy, did not bat an eyelid.

Wang sat beside him, picked up a big box on the table, opened, which is a red piles of money.

Brother force most capable assistant saw the money, the eyes are straight.

Wang straight to the point and asked: "Well, you have to love Qin Zhi who directs done is what you do??"

Xia brother before the force most capable assistant did not speak, inserted the sentence: "servers are clever, and then mixed force surname decade, also mixed less than I am today, more than Gary's mixed today, this but your chance to ask for the moon. "

Paused, turned around Xia, look to the Gu Yusheng: "Gary, I do not know what I said to you?"

Xia kick from the house and greet, has been silent until now did not speak of Gu Yusheng, he turned around, Looking Xia eyes, and looked faint nod.

Brother force most capable assistant is not a fool, if Mr. Xia said in his world is a big shot, then Gary in his world is simply beyond the reach of much character.

Now two people on him graciously, simply enough to face, where he dared to face shame, without thought of put his know, come clean: "Gary, Xia, find strength brother people who work, is the famous movie star beams cardamom, Ms Chow and her agent, Miss Zhou is an old friend of force brother, two people have always been contact ...... "

"...... the very beginning, is thought to take some of szsdwmr naked - and not shine - Ya - Apparent - frequency, exposure on the Internet, let her ruin, not a man ......"

Gu Yusheng just listen, do not say.

He caught the "bare - photos", "No - Ya - Apparent - frequency", "exposure on the Internet" when these words, eyes instantly become somewhat sharp.

"...... then I did not succeed, it is under the hand of Miss Qin mother ......"

Gu Yusheng lit a cigarette, smoke-filled, hiding his face, but it has Senleng breath, spread out from his body.

"...... In order to leave Miss Qin Hui, as the force brother also sent a brother terrorized szsdwmr several times ...... there are times and robbed her bag ......"

As more and more force brother most powerful assistant to reveal things, and looked Gu Yusheng face increasingly low.

In the end, the whole pressure in the chamber, are low to the extreme cold.

His eyes no emotion, dark and deep, but when angry than he, to the more chilling.

It turned out that he did not know in the back, they went so far as to do his little - love, his little trouble, do not be so common in light of dirty things?

If Gu had at the annual meeting of business, he did not relying on high-heeled shoes, keen to discover, she grew up in that villa, is not she already been ruined?

Gu Yusheng sandwiched smoke fingertips, gently shaking up.

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