672 Chapter I woke up (6)

672 Chapter I woke up (6)

Real touch, taste the mouth of tears, made him feel sluggish brain, and finally determined that he was not dreaming.

Silent heart suddenly had signs of beating, what about, more and more powerful.

Although the body very painful, but his awareness is increasingly clear.

She had not by plane leave? How they come back?

Still in his side, crying Ewha rain so ......

Her tears are streaming it for him? So she just panicked shout his name, because he feared it so just leave it?

We know the dark world, and suddenly a light shines into the feeling of it?

Gu Yusheng think, at this moment of their own, is such a feeling.

One kind and warm and hot emotion, wrapped in his heart, so that he suddenly, my body, full of infinite power, to live the kind of power.

Oh, the original, in-depth bone marrow of love, is this.

Your leave, I can despair of the world.

One of your turn, you can hope that my whole world.

Small do - love, I can not take you just so sad and crying and shouting as you still have my heart?

Little trouble, you have always loved me, even now, I still can not let go, is not it?

Little love ...... you know I think at the moment my heart is?

Thinking is: the best love is the rest of his life because of you grand.

She was crying, but he looked at her tearful face, lips but slightly higher up.

He raised his hand, you want to rub a rub tears from her face, but unfortunately, he opened his eyes, already exhausted all the effort, he really did extra effort to help wipe her tears.

Oh, in addition to wiping tears, he still wanted to ask her sentence, why did you go? I leave you because of it? But his tough lips moved several times, after all, did not make a sound come.

Finally, he only blinked at her softly, and smiled.

What are some of de-force, laughing curvature is small, easy to be noticed.

With his smile, and bright red blood from his lips flow.

Qin Zhi love finally stopped the tears, something like a broken string of pearls, like rustled fell down.

Her mouth moving around, because the voice crying just bad, just sent to some broken nasty voice, and he do not understand what she was talking about, but he could see, but also feel that she is in panic fear.

Gu Yusheng Qin Zhi love looking at this, I felt like looking at the world's best picture.

His smiling lips, rising arc, growing, growing, in the end, clearly evolved into a laugh.

If there is strength, he really wanted to laugh, the kind of laugh laugh.

Lips of blood flow more, as he lay back some countercurrent throat, choking him, he suddenly coughed, a larger blood spit out.

Sad cry of the helpless, she was scared silly this scene in general, all of a sudden Zhengzhu, forget the cry, took a while, she reached out to wipe the blood of his lips.

Her fingertips touch, so he clearly feel her trembling.

It was she scared him yet?

Although he was very happy to see her so concerned about, worried about his appearance, but he still could not bear to really scared her.

He secretly teeth off, strong forced himself raised his hand and took her hand in his mouth, he knew he say how many words in my mind for a moment the organization, it is a long story short: "back to Hangzhou ......"

He himself did not know when to wake up, he was afraid grandfather than he first woke up, time to see her, do what action.

With those three words blurted out, his whole body spasm of pain for a moment, he shook her hand strength, because of lax physical strength, light began to change, and his face as pale lip color.

He knows that he is likely next second will fall into a coma, and he heard the sound of the ambulance came, but he had more important thing to explain to her, his shortness of breath for a moment, just quietly but labored spoke up: "I woke up."

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