Chapter 654 small trouble, I love you (4)

Chapter 654 small trouble, I love you (4)

"? Uh" Lu half the city was Qin Zhi love to ask given the set, and after a while, before he said: "They really are married, when I also thought they were married, until a while back, and I born brother drinking, I learned that he had, and pull the card is not really a marriage certificate ...... "

Not really a marriage certificate, what does this mean?

Qin Zhi love holding a cup of fingertips and gently flutter flutter, heart tightened at this moment.

When Lu half the city just ready to speak again, the waiter just pushed his car over the beginning of the meal, he lived mouth, until a meal on the waiter left, he greeted Qin Zhi love hot to eat, to see her look in his eyes full of doubt, this then just words, then continued to speak: "because it was the traumatic acute care grandfather, brother wearies of Health, will engage in a ******** fool, also promised to small Kou live in their own home, and later ...... "

Lu said that half of the city, paused, looked at the Qin Zhi love, asked the sentence: "? You know, two small Kou do for you."

Know, she certainly knows ...... because one of the "Liang cardamom" is for her.

Qin Zhi love light "ah" sound, to the next, but also added the sentence: "Before, there listening to the warm mentioned a mouth, but how is it, I'm not particularly understand."

"Is really found a small Kou Kou fake little brother was admitted to the students home, after leaving false Kou small, really small Kou born brother put out in time from home ......" Lu half an overview of the city a few words about things the ins and outs, straight-cut focus on: "...... in short, is born brother and small Kou never married, but living brother never thought to marry small Kou."

Lu half of the city's tone, said, very casually, but Qin Zhi love is very hard to hear my heart flick, ribs chopsticks just inside the folder, falls on the table.

"Be careful." Half the city back to the Qin Lu Chih love clip a piece.

Qin Zhi love back to God, despite her efforts to suppress the fluctuation of the heart, the sound may be open, or with a touch of gently trembling: "Thank you, brother half of the city."

"You're welcome." Lu city half smile, bow tea.

Qin Zhi love holding chopsticks, poke a couple of ribs, faint heart has been answered, they still seemed like a very curious, cocked his head, and began to ask: "Half the city brother, you said that she, who is it? "

Lu half the city heard these words, had raised his chopsticks in hand, suddenly the Dayton down, it took a while before he added a dish, and looked as usual he said: "That is a small stand-Kou recruited."

"Oh ......" Qin Zhi love afraid he suddenly lost state, facial features crooked smile, think of the original Xu said warm arcane share it with your own words, he half-jokingly said: "It sounds ...... legend Oh good, a bit like high school, to see the kind of stand-in romance novels. "

"Really?" Lu half of the city have not seen, so I do not know, "a lot like I do not really know, but I know that life is really like her brother."

Lu Jia Cai half of the city's action, set down.

Suddenly filed past is probably the reason, his mind suddenly emerge out of things past.

He paused for a moment, before they open, to add the sentence: "...... it is like, like to ......"

Lu half the city seems like the kind of can not find the words to describe how in general, but also a halt, this time probably had ten seconds, he spoke up:. "...... I tell you it another way."

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