Chapter 645 blue day waiting for rain, but I'm waiting for you (5)

Chapter 645 blue day waiting for rain, but I'm waiting for you (5)

As far as, trance, he heard the sound of his own breathing.

I do not know in the car, so it made a loss of how long to stay, Gu Yusheng ears sounded shrill ringtones.

He did not pick up the phone, but directly micro bow, glanced at the caller ID, a homely old house to the telephone, eight is a call from Mr. Gu Lao, trying to convince him not to clarify his sex scandal and beam cardamom.

Gu Yusheng bother arguing with Mr. Gu Lao continue, let the phone in the silence of the car, continue to ring to ring to go.

Actually, it's loud how long the phone ringing becomes an SMS alert sound.

Zhangma is sent to the phone, a map, saying: "little master, Mr. Gu Lao passed out."

Mr. Gu Lao map is pale, eyes closed, lying in bed photo.

Gu Yusheng not opening the big picture, look carefully, again into the phone call, Zhang Ma's number, he did not hesitate a moment, answer.

"Little master, Mr. Gu Lao fainted, just called an ambulance, I touched down, slow the heart rate with no sense of ......"

After the "little master, ever since the beginning of last year, you went to Shanghai, Gu old man's body has not been how good the car accident, although Ms Leung saved him, but still hurt some body, let me tell Mr. Gu Lao you……"

"Today, Gu old man quarreled with you, gas ate lunch, then entered the room to rest, and I thought he was sleeping, I did not expect, just finished dinner, Qu Han him, to know the old man , I was unconscious ...... "

Zhangma on the phone, Jiliguala said a lot, Gu Yusheng heard only "unconscious," the words, his fingertips, abruptly increased the force holding the phone, open sound, not dry more like: "which hospital?"

Zhangma hang up the phone, Gu Yusheng want to start the car, only to find their own legs to make the slightest effort to root out.

He breathed some instability lying on the steering wheel, I do not know how, my mind suddenly flashed, five years ago, he received a home phone, hurried from the army came back, entered the house at first glance, see is the father and mother lying side by side in bed - on, already lifeless appearance.

Zhangma issued to him and just goes on, Grandpa's photos, almost exactly the same.

The heart of what seems to be a harsh hold general, Youteng panic.

He grabbed the steering wheel hand shaking for words, he tried several times, no way to start the car, looked through the windshield and saw not far from the building where Qin Zhi love, I do not know how, these days has been to restrain myself not to disturb her, he suddenly wanted to see her.

Even if only to hear her voice, he will be a lot of peace of mind.

Gu Yusheng Chanzhuo fingertips, pick up the phone, find love Qin Zhi phone number to dial out.

"Sorry, you dial the phone was switched off."

Continue to dial, or such a response.

Gu Yusheng promote the panic out of the car, directed at building ran Qin Zhi love to live.

Several elevators, are occupied, he waited a minute, slow elevator did not look down on the side of the security door open, ran upstairs directed directly stepping on the stairs.

Qin Zhi and other stood at the door of love, he has tired out of breath, he was forced by a couple doorbell.

No one opened the door.

Gu Yusheng hand, direct "tapping" forced to shoot from the door.

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