Chapter 603 of her eight years Wife, he was actually (3)

Chapter 603 of her eight years Wife, he was actually (3)

Be recognized? Does he not familiar with it and she? If unfamiliar, why he would go to the army after an anonymous letter to her?

Gu Yusheng Weicu frown, but still stable surface with fine, clear expression, "be recognized? Are we not particularly familiar?"

If three years ago, he suddenly met her, she learned that he had forgotten her.

She really thought that time she was had walked into his world.

Until then, she knew, then he is deliberately gave her a fake phone number, she really come to understand that he was never thought to let her into his world.

To her, that an acquaintance, a lifetime.

To him, that an acquaintance, but a thing of the past.

Now, he suddenly asked her, do we not particularly familiar? Her how to answer? I was you miss it twice? I have waited for you for many years, also looking for you for many years? I have for you even if dysmenorrhea, also promised to go out and play with warm proposed requirements? I know your parents died, a person eat or drink, standing outside homely old house, looked far you, accompany you three days and nights?

But those are her wishful thinking, she relished it.

Qin Zhi love pressing my heart constantly surging sour, raised his lips, looked up at Gu Yusheng said:? "How could we cooked it only occasionally when I was with warm, you run into a few times ...... "

Twenty-eight in total, she remembers clearly.

Which has eight, he glanced at her, there are seven, he swept at her when she was a stranger, and there are six, he rushed She nodded and said thirty-two irrelevant courtesy.

"And the vast majority, we have not spoken ......" Qin Zhi love to laugh increasingly bright, she was the only one who knows this time her heart, crying in the end how sad.

She loved him all along, she was just a hysterical person, wrote and performed a one-man show.

Love in full swing, quietly love.

Into the drama of her people, who also was touched her, unaware of who he is.

Qin Zhi love my mind, I do not know how, suddenly thought of the warm promise of the phrase "dumplings or the original taste, can not the original Wu Hao Wu Hao of."

Gu Yusheng, you know?

I love you, long, long, long time, so long that I do not want to go to the breakdown time, but you still the same old you, I'm still the same old me.

"So this is ah ......" Gu Yusheng like encountered any problems puzzling general, the eyes become somewhat uncertain.

Qin Zhi Love did not speak, probably because Gu Yusheng asked the sake of the past, she recalled those involved in the past, the mood became a little sad that she is pregnant, especially sudden stomach discomfort, anti-powerful, she would suddenly muzzled, retching sound, then opened the door with one hand, hastily jumped out, ran to the street trash, leaning on a tree, violent vomiting up.

Brooding Gu Yusheng, I heard the sound of retching Qin Zhi love, eyebrows Organization for a moment, then recovered, then attention turned to the rear-view mirror, look to the standing nearby, vomited and let an Qin Zhi love.

Gu Yusheng brow wrinkled worse some, he opened the door, get off quick, three-step two-step ran around Qin Zhi love: "how is it?"

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