Chapter 577 unwanted pregnancies (27)

Chapter 577 unwanted pregnancies (27)

Who would that be so threatened her?

Qin Zhi love the look of panic turned twice, my mind suddenly flashed a name: Liang cardamom.

Let her go, as the exchange, it may only be her!

Rather, let her leave Gu Yusheng!

No, not right, people do these things, it should be Zhou Jing.

She understand the beams cardamom, and her slender, like Jiang, even playing mind, they can not play out so dark thoughts ...... only beam cardamom broker, the wise to the extreme Jing week!

No wonder, that, as the beam cardamom to sink, she did not drive away, but was Gu Yusheng made a meal of the fire, there is no movement.

She also some wonder, that does not conform to the character of the beam cardamom, originally ...... she is there other plans!

Although she frequently threatened, they can have no evidence of even alarm.

The first two are close someone secretly warned her, this time using her cell phone to her own phone number to send text messages, showed the police, and they only when she is crazy it!

They are rich and powerful, she did not their opponents.

The last time she was kidnapped, was lucky to escape if there is a next time it? More importantly, she also suffered in his mother and brother ......

No, she must not let those hard to prevent accidents, at any time of Zala are likely body to her family!


Because the money to pay termination fee, as early as the first day of the Qin Zhi love into the sink of view, knowing that her boss is Gu Yusheng, her heart in fact, already we have a plan, and that is to wait until the end of the internship, as the company is no longer signed sinks positive contract.

Now, there Liang cardamom frequent movement of such hands and feet, Qin Zhi love naturally impossible countersigned by the.

She and sinks, as the contract is signed internship for three months, these days is supposed to expire.

That night on the phone to see, "he" sent his message after Qin Zhi love sit most of the night, just wanted to leave the exchange of view, but did not think to leave Beijing.

I did not expect three days later, something happened, so she even have to leave Beijing.


Qin Zhi love message to see the next day, the king got from small businesses to positive exchange depending on contract.

Has made a decision, she did not see the positive contract, the company in the end to how their welfare, directed at the Wang sorry presented her idea to leave the Department of view.

Wang quite unexpectedly, she asked a lot of questions.

"Wages are not satisfied? Still feel depending on where the exchange is not good enough?"

"Or do you think this is the work of the secretary, not your favorite?"

"Or, Qin secretary, you have a better job, a better choice?"

Qin Zhi love all veto shook his head, and gave Wang's answer is that she wants to take the second half of his thesis.

She refused to sign the contract to positive things, not one person Wang can do the Lord's, he saw her resolute attitude, give Gu Yusheng went to a phone.

Gu Yusheng on the phone did not know what was said, after Wang hang up the phone, facing Qin Zhi Love said:. "Gu said that even if the total turnover, have to wait for him over there right person to take over."

"The other is, Gu Zongxi hope you put this contract acquire a back positive, then seriously think about."

End quoted Gu Yusheng mean, Amy did make a few words: "Gu said the total also now the year is not suitable recruit new people, so Qin secretary, while you wait, and seriously consider, of course, you What other requirements, you can also put forward, I will be relayed to total care. "

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