Chapter 561 unwanted pregnancies (11)

Chapter 561 unwanted pregnancies (11)

She begged the man let go of his dream, the man pressed a look of indifference on her body.

She saw a camera directed at his constantly shot, the man pressed her body, eating her snout skin ......

She was afraid, afraid of the body is shaking up, she is so dirty, dirty her sick ......

The man can not leave from her body, strong and helpless, she was devastated, she could not help screaming screaming out loud.

When she called voice almost hoarse, someone shouted into her ear, her name: "Qin Qin Zhi Zhi love love??"

"Wake up? Qin Zhi love? Wake up?" The owner of that voice, he raised his hand, gently clapped her face.

Qin Zhi love wrinkled his brow, slowly opened his eyes, Gu Yusheng goes pretty jealous people complain to the days of face, falling into her eyes.

She Lengzheng a bit, stopped screaming mouth, and then he stared for a moment before asking out loud: "...... how ......"

She wanted to question "how", but she said only two words, then suddenly react, she just is not having nightmares, those pictures she had just come to mind, is real ...... she is real the kidnapped by several men go naked, also took a picture ......

Her eyes get a little moment of panic flawless, she casually pulling Gu Yusheng cuff, like what grabbed straw general, spoke up, his voice shaking and helpless: "photos, photos ......"

Qin Zhi love Although just say two words, but Gu Yusheng but understand what she meant, he said softly opening:. "No photo, and photos have been destroyed."

"Ruined?" Qin Zhi love panic eyes, she flashed a hint of light, with a somewhat uncertain asked.

"Yes, ruined." Gu Yusheng raised his hand and gently rubbed her just a dream, to take a cold sweat of his forehead, he was afraid she is not assured, and assured tone added a sentence: "cameras and memory They ruined. "

"Ruined, ruined ......" Low Qin Zhi love to read murmured several times, before long sigh of relief, then she sat up in bed rub it: "I'm going to take a bath, I'm going to take a bath ...... "

The man touched her, she was going to take a bath, so dirty ......

Qin Zhi Love not get out of bed, it was Gu Yusheng has stopped:. "Already washed up."

She looked stunned, to see to him.

"Wash the promise of warm." Gu Yusheng tone gently explain to her.

Warm bath to help her wash the body ...... Qin Zhi love a relaxed, sat back on the bed, holding his knees, face buried in his lap, quietly maintained this position for no more.

Gu Yusheng not know she was not crying, but she disturbed piece of flawless look, see him again in a heart a terrible pain.

That horrible things happen in the body who will leave a lingering fear of scared, right?

Gu Yusheng gently sitting on the bed, he raised his hand, very gentle strength shun shun her hair scattered in the back, softly spoke up: "things are gone, do not think, alright ......"

She ignored him, listen to him softly, then buried on his knees eyes thrown acid.

His hand was still stroking her hair, "and those who bully you, have been sent to the Public Security Bureau of ......"

His voice was gentle, people listened very peace of mind, but can Qin Zhi love for no reason off the tears.

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