536 Chapter church I love the girl, missing (6)

536 Chapter church I love the girl, missing (6)

Qin Zhi love stopped, turned around to see Wang.

Wang from the document, pulled out a very beautiful delicate envelope, handed to the Qin Zhi love: "Qin secretary, which is the total care let me turn to you."

Qin Zhi love suspiciously looked at Wang, after took the envelope, directly in front of Wang's open, pulled out from inside a luxury design more ornate invitation.

Gu is an invitation to the annual meeting.

Qin Liang Chih love when playing cardamom, he took the opportunity to participate in the company's annual Gu held the annual meeting, but it has also been heard, know that this annual conference and annual meeting of the company is not the same, all to the noble family.

Several estimates, as the company's vice president sink did not eligible to enter, why would she?

Qin Zhi love staring at the invitation looked for a moment, he looked surprised, look to Wang.

Wang seems to know where she is wondering what the general look of a friendly smile, said: "Gu always said, a while back, Ms Leung that matter, it is being treated really badly for you, always wanted to give you some compensation, regardless of which company's annual annual conference to be there yet? Please just this year, the company was recently named the Hundred flowers Award winner, I think, you chatted while back when, say like him, just as Guzong Shun Road mention it, who knows Gu always promised, I'll prepare a quasi invitation. "

So this is ah ...... Qin Zhi love squeezed fingertip invitation, directed at Wang Road, a cry Xie.

Wang look blunt and he said: "And, total care also specifically asked me, after the actor and other activities, let me take you to find a photo of the actor to sign."

Paused, as if what comes to mind, like Wang, talkative reminded Qin Zhi love the sentence: "Oh, yes, Qin secretary, to the day wearing the dress."


Gu annual meeting is scheduled for January 3 night at eight, the location is a northern suburb of club membership.

Qin Zhi love because of compensation, got the invitation, but because of the promise warm Wu Hao, also got the same invitation.

Participate in the same banquet, Xu Qin and warm naturally to love together Chih departure, so that night, when Xu warm call with Wu Hao, told him to pick her up that day, to bring Qin Zhi love.

Clubhouse slightly away from the city, we need to start early.

Less than four o'clock in the afternoon, Xu warm cell phone rang, a call from Wu Hao, told her about half an hour later, to her family downstairs.

Xu has been properly dressed warm, taking advantage of cracks and other Wu Hao came, looked in the mirror, it would have been fine and perfect makeup, and redecorate.

Half an hour later, Wu Hao's phone call on time.

Xu Qin Zhi love and warm down, before we know, not only to the Wu Hao car, behind even went to a familiar Qin Zhi love the car.

See them come out, Wu Hao immediately opened the door, get off, he did not speak, Wu Hao open the rear window of that car fell down, wearing a suit and sky blue half of the city's land, Tanchunaodai, red He greeted them: "little love, warm."

Next to him, also sat a beautiful young woman, Qin Liang Chih love to play cardamom, when once seen, is the secretary of land and half of the city, eight are female companion when he temporarily opened with tonight.

After Xu Wu Hao and other warm approached, hold her waist, before the opening explanation:. "Half the city today rub my car, so little love to take car of birth brother"

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