Zhang et al. 522 (12) a return date undetermined

Zhang et al. 522 (12) a return date undetermined

"Yes, total care." Small Wang Mali's complete back Gu Yusheng, then it is directed at Qin Zhi love barely tolerable eyes, so she did. Gu Yusheng's bidding, then follow the smiling salesman, went to the checkout .


Qin Zhi love walked in front of Gu Yusheng, staring at his handsome face, glances, softly sitting across from him on the position.

He felt close to her, did not open his eyes.

Lounge In addition to he and she, not the others.

Although the shop, put soothing music, the atmosphere of the whole body can be, is still a bit Ning Jing.

Just when Qin Zhi love and Gu Yusheng thought she would have been so silent silence continues, elegant man nice voice, suddenly called out: "What happened today, I'm sorry."

Although Gu Yusheng said these words, has always been eyes closed, but she directed at him quickly shake his head a few times: "It does not matter, total care."

Gu Yusheng not the sound, as if asleep.

Qin Zhi Love did not speak again.

After about a minute, Gu Yusheng cell phone rang, his brow heart of the move, touch the phone, open eyelids, a glance at the screen is turned on.

End of the line I do not know who said what, Gu Yusheng back to the sentence: "? Resplendent OK, I know, wait a minute to go over there with you directly and will."

Hang up the phone, his eyes do not light not heavy body fell Qin Zhi love.

Qin Zhi love subconsciously dropped his eyelids fluttering with eyes, swept to his freely on the back of the couch, on the beautiful white skin, there is a big bruising in some places, but also reveals a bright red.

Obviously the injury is, is just in the company, was beaten Mr. Gu Lao do?

Qin Zhi love to bite her lower lip, he did not dare to ask aloud.

Gu Yusheng head looked at her for a moment, to look away, look to the outside glass, people keep walking up and down the elevator.

Results finish subsection Wang, back off quickly.

Gu Yusheng indicated that he would love the clothes handed Qin Zhi, to the locker room after replace, just stood up from the sofa, facing Wang told faint:. "Qin send you back to the company secretary, I have things go first."

Finished, Gu Yusheng sight to the body Qin Zhi love and fell down, nothing, carrying car keys, went left.

Wait until the salesman Qin Zhi love dirty clothes packed, and Qin Wang Chih love with two people left Parkson.

On the way to send Qin Wang Chih love back to the company, Qin Zhi love curious tilted his head and asked: "Gu always entertaining tonight, how can you not stay?"

"No entertainment, today the total care of a few old comrades in arms to Beijing, and he entertained them." Finished, Wang some concern sigh of relief: "Gu always feel so bad, certainly drink tonight more, but also to meet with old comrades ...... "

Qin Zhi Love moved his lips, eyes apparent across a touch of concern.

No wonder he looked after the emergence of today, it's always cold ,, he did not talk much, almost to the point Cherishing such as gold.

It turned out that he was an old ally and party ah.

Old comrades ...... did he just ran into Qin Yang, is it so sad ......

"Qin secretary to." Wang suddenly heard the voice of the Qin Zhi regain the love of God to go.

Qin Zhi love quickly said a cry Xie, Lin Zhaobao then, out of the car.

Wang had other things to be busy, did not return to the Department of view, Qin Zhi love to say goodbye to him, so he drove out some distance, before entering the building.

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