Chapter 486 I slept the rest of the room (6)

Chapter 486 I slept the rest of the room (6)

About to hit the screen at your fingertips the moment, Gu Yusheng phone again lost in the heavy side.

Played what to do? He told her that he and Liang cardamom not have any relationship? Or training her meal, after the little bridge nutmeg to pull him?

She is his who?

Training her, he could not bear. He explained that he did not qualify.

Gu Yusheng chest that kind of fire, jump grew worse.

Think carefully, after leaving the small trouble, he seems to have for a long time, such a move did not have gas.

Gu Yusheng smoke to his lips fiercely puff, then heavy spit it out, looked at the smoke drifting in the air, he raised his hand irritated, forced scratched his hair.

She was not even sure about him looking a little trouble, but she did not want him so misunderstood and beams cardamom.

In case, she really is the little trouble he was looking for how to do?

More importantly, to those who Apart from relatively close relationship with him, and no one knew he was implicated cardamom between the beams, just a small secretary secretary, where do good in favor of letting the beam cardamom ability to live in his room? Presumably grandfather or main beam cardamom to do it?

Knew, back to Beijing, certainly not clean, this day of, ah, things will come ......

Gu Yusheng faint rubbed his sore temples, biting smoke, slightly rolled his eyes, I thought, how ordinary grandfather Liang cardamom and toss no problem, forcing him something to do and cardamom Liang also put up, they can be in front of a small secretary, so he destroyed the innocence disguise, but he could not sit idly by ......

Since he could not straightforward to call young secretary explained that he had to think of other ways to make a small secretary know, he did not sleep cardamom and beam house!

Gu Yusheng biting smoke, staring at the head of a string of hanging on a string of green radish leaves, he thought for a few seconds, and suddenly people rub it sat up, shouting the sentence: "! Wang"

"Call now to inform the Secretary of Qin, half an hour ......"

No, half an hour, it seems a little long, half an hour in case of a secretary that he and Liang cardamom do something and how to do?

Gu Yusheng little pause for a moment, for his innocence, changed to say: "! Fifteen minutes, not five minutes, five minutes later the second floor conference room at the hotel, several vice president to convene a meeting of the company."

"Now?" Amy looked at the time, have been at ten o'clock, and it was built today or group day?

"Yes, right now." Assured tone, then back to the finish Wang, Gu Yusheng from the stone bed got up, took the clothes to the locker room, locker room when approaching the door, he suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Several vice president, who seems a little less, the company should be more shouting point of meeting with people, so more people can witness and he did not live in a house ...... Liang cardamom

Just move your mind, Gu Yusheng to turn his head, he suddenly directed at the meeting was proposed by whim rather shocked look ignorant forced Wang added a sentence: "In addition to several vice president, director of the departments also call on! "

I thought, Gu Yusheng determine no problem, this opened the locker room door, and went inside.

With the sound coming from the locker room door, and this Wang regained conscious, he concealed a pinch his thigh, pain told him, just Gu Yusheng orders to be true, then it quickly pick up the phone, start Qin Zhi love to call.

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