Chapter 472 check under her archives (12)

Chapter 472 check under her archives (12)

This time, as the Department of hiring a total of eight interns, Qin Zhi love to the earliest, after the Ministry of Personnel reported, waited for about half an hour, the other interns only after another arrived.

After all interns reported, the personnel manager to gather everyone in a small room, opened a new staff will, at the end of the morning was almost twelve o'clock.

After the company cafeteria lunch, a personnel manager told his men middle-aged woman, with a group of interns simply turned around the company, understand what each part responsible for the content and the area where, until after the company all walk around in a circle, middle-aged woman standing in front of the rest areas of the company told a group of interns opening up: "you took their respective book entry corresponding to department manager at the report, Qin Zhi love to stay under."

Because they were specifically named reason, when several other interns left, all with a bit of vision implied looked around a few laps from the Qin Zhi love him, and then only silence and orderly departure.

Until lounge only two people, middle-aged woman and the Ministry of Personnel Qin Zhi love, the middle-aged woman before he said: "Come on, I'll take that Zhang reported."

Qin Zhi love before the exchange, as the candidates, some of the company's executives understand, know Zhang total population of middle-aged woman, referring to the company's vice president, technical director.

Middle-aged woman took her to Zhang's office door, knock on the door for her, until there are "Come" word coming out, she directed Qin Zhi love smiling nod, indicating she was a person inside, and then stepping on heels and left.

Qin Zhi love sowed polite smile, opened the door and went in, she just gently closed the door, have not always say hello to Zhang, sitting on the desk in front of Zhang spoke first:? "Qin Zhi Love intern? "

"Yes." Qin Zhi love back a touch of laughter, and the answers.

Zhang station got up, walked over, through the glass office, pointing to an empty desk area secretary, said: "That's your position, your job as a secretary, chairman, now chairman of the board at the video conference, about half will end after two hours, when you make a cup of coffee, go to the office to say hello to him, specific work, he will arrange for you. "

"Grateful to the total." Qin Zhi love.

Zhang nod, did not speak.

Qin Zhi love goodbye TIPS, leave.

Before because no work to do, Qin Zhi love sitting at his desk, bored of playing the phone.

After about two fifteen minutes, she got up, went to the pantry, After a cup of coffee, just after half an hour, and then carrying, went to the chairman's office.

Qin Zhi Love raised his hand and gently Qiaoliaoliangxia door.

The people inside did not seem busy, the delay did not respond, Qin Zhi love patiently waited for about three minutes, just ready to leave for the time being, wait a minute and then over, the front door was opened, out of a year-old-year-old wearing men's eye.

Depending exchange official website have a picture, although the gap a little bit big, but Qin Zhi love or recognize that this is, as the chairman of the Department, surnamed Li, suddenly, her face began to unfurl a smile: "Chairman of the Board, hello ,I……"

"? You're new chairman of the board secretary," Qin Zhi love if not finished, the other side courtesy interrupted her words, the position of the door to get out of some: "chairman of the board on the inside, go inside."

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