Chapter 432 I can only think of a future (2)

Chapter 432 I can only think of a future (2)

"So now what are at rest, adjust the mood, drove home with me, good shower and rest, do not forget, tomorrow you're going to eat the old one to accompany Father Gu, the day after you got involved."

"Ah." Zhou Liang Jing cardamom back to a smile.

Zhou Jing pointed parked not far from his car: "I passed."

"Good." Liang cardamom back.

Zhou Jing opened the door, she shouted to the beam cardamom, Zhou Jing back, Liang cardamom wore makeup spent crying face, the tone is particularly serious, he said:. "Thank you, Zhou Jing"

Zhou Jing set the set, then curved lip grin:. "It should be a small Kou"

Then she closed the door, standing on high heels, toward his car.

I got in the car, until the periphery of the beam Jing cardamom car, after some distance out before slowly to keep up.

Should ...... the reason why it should be, because she has not come to a dead end beam cardamom, not impossible salvaged.

Liang cardamom if she really hopeless, she certainly will not continue to waste energy on her!


Gu Yusheng do not know in the end how much fight a phone call, get back, all the same: there is simply not find the slightest bit of information on small trouble.

How can this be?

The wind had to stay sound, Yan had left marks, a large living little trouble, when substitute to give the beam cardamom, how could not find a little bit of clues?

It seems there is cardamom Liang, what moving hands and feet, making it explicit that let him know.

Gu Yusheng clearly felt himself burning more and more serious, whole body strength is gone, but he thought for a moment on the sofa, stand up and took the car keys down the stairs.

He had to find her.

Although he did not know where he should go look for her, but he has to go.

He did not have much to say to her, he can not just watch her disappear in his world.

Just went to the first floor, a bolt of lightning flashed outside the window, the dark night sky torn into two halves, then immediately heard a thunder shaking split to the drama.

The housekeeper asleep, was awakened, dressed in pajamas and ran out of the bedroom, go check the windows are not all closed, only to see Gu Yusheng cat with the body, changing his shoes at the entrance, she rubbed sleep some have awakened from a dreamless sleepy eyes, surprised shouted a voice: "Gary?"

Gu Yusheng Wensheng looked up, looked at her, said nothing, straightened up, directed at the house door.

His pace somewhat unstable, out of hand before the door, the body staggered a bit.

The steward came over, holding out a hand of Gu Yusheng, then he discovered that something was amiss on his face red, all sweat on his forehead, like a fever.

Butler frowned, quickly raised his hand and explore the next Gu Yusheng forehead, really amazing hot temperature.

"Gary, you are firing so, how would also like to go out?" Steward panic withdraw his hand, helped Gu Yusheng, you want to take him on to the sofa to rest.

Gu Yusheng pulling away from the housekeeper's hand, without a word, opened the door, regardless of wind rain outside, and even did not bring an umbrella, went out.

Butler just took an umbrella from the door, hurried with out.

She just down the steps, Gu Yusheng has been sitting in the car, start the engine, retarder being a U-turn.

"Gary!" Butler holding an umbrella, went to the front of the car.

Gu Yusheng car, without a moment of leaving Dayton, stepped on his foot hard throttle, jump away from the villa.

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