Chapter 414 is not the best, but the first (4)

Chapter 414 is not the best, but the first (4)

After the hair, Chih-Liang Qin cardamom think love just said to myself then, so he hit a line of text, sent: "?? You wake up the body all right."


Gu Yusheng see this, my heart a little at ease a little.

It seems, after he woke up, everything has not changed little trouble or bother.

Gu Yusheng ignored already come, do check with their doctor, holding a cell phone, laze on the screen, press a while back: "OK, when are you busy?"


Gu Yusheng Liang cardamom will send a text message, to Zhou Jing looked at, wait until after the reply Jing Zhou, the only hit a few words on the screen: "Maybe next Tuesday at the earliest."

After sending successfully, Liang Zhou Jing cardamom in a schematic, but also sent a message in the past: "Do you recuperate, I was busy working, to come and see you."


"Ah, well." Gu Yusheng simply back the word, just ready to remind the doctor, put down the phone, thought, or care about and made a sentence: "Take care of yourself."


Liang cardamom reading text messages back a few words: "I will," and then added, "smile" expression.

Put down the phone, she looked at Jing Zhou, asked: "? You say, just that little stand-in, she had heard us say just play the rest of her dialogue do those"

"It should be heard." Zhou Jing Duanzhaochabei, products used half of tea: "We are clutching her time upstairs, began to say those words, but when she came in, some red eyes, presumably because our conversation the contents of crying. "

"After hearing the like, so that later she would not be entangled the rest of his life." Liang cardamom recovering from illness, color is not a particularly good face of the slightest smile, glowing eyes looking at the slightest Zhou Jing excitement: "Zhou Jing, this really is thank you, thanks you had to stay in mind, secretly record the conversation rest of his life and half of the city."

"? Ah, it should be, after all, a lot of things, there was no use, who knows the future will not be useful" Zhou Jing paused, and moved his lips, his face preoccupied and hesitantly: "But ...... "

Liang Jing Zhou did not see cardamom went on to say, frowned, he asked: "? But what"

"We Recently, toss the video, it did not seem to achieve the desired results, we think this allows Gu Yusheng and the kind of ice you back to the beginning of the relationship between light, do not let him find you looking for a substitute, who turned out he knew yesterday accident, although we are not clear in the end what happened, but I think he when it happened, that the poor girl should he do something, otherwise in accordance with the temper Gu Yusheng, you say that's the case in the video, ? how could he take the initiative to send text messages back to you now, "Zhou Jing raised his hand and rubbed because things beyond her control and estimates, and some pan-ache temple, and then he said:" unexpected outbreak Since the development of events this way, it can only continue to go down, and Gu Yusheng fear that the next will be in frequent contact with you, you be careful with, do not be seen through him you talked to substitute this thing, I'll give you more recently cause all notices, and he can see it less and less to meet him, it is best not to meet him for a look at that poor girl gave him the feeling ...... "


Spent time in the army because of the reason, Gu Yusheng body good foundation, after he woke up, recover quickly.

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