Chapter 385 your wife is not your wife (5)

Chapter 385 your wife is not your wife (5)

Her micro-Bo opened about two and a half, Gu Yusheng from the latest hair piece to it, and every one of them down browsing.

It should not take care of her micro-blog, content is very official, and all her work-related.

Almost every microblogging, will carries with her picture.

Initially browse photos, her eyes big and black, and he usually saw exactly the same, he has been the most obsessed eyes.

Until six months ago, those pictures of her hair, and eyes became strange strange, until the first micro-blog she had made, and no one in the photo eyes made him feel familiar normal.

Gu Yusheng, respectively, from the two kinds of photographs in each picked up, put it on the desktop, then line of sight on these two pictures, repeated looks around.

A watery, bright eyes gaze, stare brilliance, fundus flow of light, as if talking like, sultry heart and soul.

A be beautiful, but not amazing, clever eyes are not bright enough, much less six months recent photos, one can draw attention to her large eyes.

Strange ah ...... eyes obviously looks exactly the same, why six months ago and six months after the photo, the eyes gave him the feeling of contrast was so much of it?

Gu Yusheng is being baffled, he lived in this hotel room came a knock at the door.

Gu Yusheng staring at the two pictures on the computer screen looked glances, got up to the door.

Wang is the former Gu Yusheng did not speak, and turned back to the computer, continue staring at the two pictures on the screen and began to read.

"Gu said the total, SY summer total, you have come to know about SH want you to eat a meal together at night, you see that you have no time?" Wang shut the door and ask.

Gu Yusheng to SH this is an interim arrangement, no stroke, his eyes did not leave from the computer screen, directly back: "Yes."

"Then I called to tell Summer the total." Wang said.

Gu Yusheng did not say anything, completely immersed in the study of the photo's.

Hang up the phone, Wang said: "The summer always about the night at seven o'clock meeting."

Gu Yusheng "ah" sound, amplified two photos, but also put a small, compared to the watch back and forth.

Gu Yusheng Wang did not see the computer screen, thinking he was busy with work, opening TIPS:. "That total care, nothing, I first went out."

"Ah." Gu Yusheng Wang did not hear say something, should be a sound casual, people leaned back, changed the position, staring at a computer screen attentively.

Although the two pictures face is exactly the same, but Gu Yusheng see of, the more you feel like watching two people.

He wrinkled his eyebrows ruthless, Wang will soon come when the suite door, suddenly spoke up:. "Amy, you come down."

Wang hurried then folded back: "total care."

Gu Yusheng beckoned, motioned recently by Wang, and then wait until after the probe over his head, lit two photos on the computer screen said: "? Have you ever noticed any difference."

Is not this LiangXiaoJie it? Wang shook his head: "There is nothing different ah."

"You take a closer look."

Wang continued to stare looked for a moment, still shaking his head.

"Do not you think that these two photos is like two people?"

Wang curious glance at Gu Yusheng, Gu little doubt it is not always a bad mood, then let their own pleasure, and after a moment, just shook his head.

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