Chapter 364 as long as you deny, I believe (4)

Chapter 364 as long as you deny, I believe (4)

Gu Yusheng eyes closed, Bengzhuo lips, looking calm.

Qin Zhi love with open eyes, staring out the window, and looked sluggish.

Two people can not sleepy, each immersed in their own thoughts in, who did not say anything, and did not move.

The whole atmosphere in the room was like a photo camera shot down, freeze stagnate.

After not know how long, looking out the window Zhi Qin love eyelashes and gently shook, his eyes with tear Zala silent on the pillow, her light smacks her lips, face buried in the bedding, slowly closed his eyes.

Out of the sun, a little bit lit up the earth, becoming more and more brilliant.

Reduction in the futon Qin Zhi love, until around Gu Yusheng breathing becomes uniform long, it will carefully explore out of his head, she was afraid of waking her, turned around and slow-moving, looked Gu Yusheng.

Man back to her figure, very calm, as if asleep.

Qin Zhi love this quietly opened the quilt, got out of bed, she just picked from the ground a piece of clothing, around him, went to the locker room.

Changed a new nightgown came out, Qin Zhi Gu Yusheng love to go around for the other side, he looked at his face.

His face is very quiet, as if sleeping pattern.

Qin Zhi love this down the heart, she was afraid to walk sound, direct barefoot stepping on the floor went to the dressing table, open on top of the backpack, took the bottle from the inside, then clutched in the palm, light hand light feet of the door, quietly opened the door and went out.


The door is shut on one second, one second after lying in bed, breathing evenly Gu Yusheng, he opened eyes.

His mind was chaos into a group, did not always fall asleep.

He did not see behind her, she did not make any movement, he thought she was asleep, the results did not think she was out of bed.

His eyes closed, pretending to look like sleeping, motionless, but the ears were always attentive to her movement.

Although she put all the moves have put the most playful, but he was relying on voice, that she went to the locker room, she came to know in front of their own, have seen their own glances, but know that she seems from the bag turn something.

She wanted to see if he was sure he had not fallen asleep? Then she turned to the bag ......?

Gu Yusheng turned around to look at the dressing table, placed just above the video that is Chanel.

Implying she took the pill, taking advantage of the time he fell asleep, he went down sneaky?

This view has just flashed Gu Yusheng brain, others had come to the locker room, casually looking for clothes, sets aside to the body, while strode out of the bedroom, walked and ran downstairs.

The restaurant did not close the door, Gu Yusheng went to the door, one saw standing water dispenser before Qin Zhi love.

She single-handedly holding a pill into his mouth, holding a cup in one hand and took less than half a glass of water, followed by also delivered to his lips and raised his head to drink a mouthful of water.

Probably not swallow pills, her wrinkled brow, and drank a mouthful of water, then put down the cup, picked up on the side of the bottle and cap, while twist, while directed at the door turned around.

Immediately, as if her whole person is the general point of the acupuncture points, to stay in the place suddenly, staring at the front of Gu Yusheng, mind blank, do not know what to look and what response to make.

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