Chapter 334 Gu Yusheng, I love Qin Zhi (14)

Chapter 334 Gu Yusheng, I love Qin Zhi (14)

Soft and pleasant prelude to suddenly rang throughout the square.

After about thirty seconds of like, Qin Zhi love spoke, soft and light singing, with music, slowly to spread around.

"Back to our place to start, remember that day is a rainy day, you hold me tightly in her arms inside, I say you'll love me forever, promise or time arrived, however, and shortly love has come to an end."

Eight years ago, he was a handy carry case move it so overbearing broke into her world.

Eight years ago, he stood me twice, leaving her a fake phone number, after she upset the whole world, and from her world disappeared clean.

Eight years, she never thought of giving up, always waiting for him to come back, even if he had forgotten her.

But now, he is married, not even waiting for her chance was gone, her emotions finally come to an end.

"Unable to face your excuses and deception, I saw you kissing her face, my world one day that you change you did not find that all my efforts you can not see."

This is her favorite song, called "destination", two years ago when he bumped into her, his back to her, "Who are you", the banquet on that, just put that song.

Gu Yusheng, you know?

This song is my farewell to you, is I gave my farewell to your feelings.

I was so like you, like your full eight years, I dream that one day hoping you can come to me, and now the day has finally arrived, but you will never know I love Qin Zhi.

Gu Yusheng, you see it?

You and me after all ...... my Wife, shallow edge of me and you.

Fundus Qin Zhi love thrown a touch of tears, she was holding the phone, trying to put yourself in the music, do not let their emotions lost control.

"The last time I close my eyes I kiss your face, you love me do not say sorry, I love that one day stranded in your world, I have understood how dangerous love."

Walking on both sides of the street all the shops have been closing, in addition to the street on both sides still on the street, only a few shops throughout the night flashing neon lights, light far from the bright and dazzling when to eat.

Usually very loud streets, calm down this time, do not have a charm in the dim light.

The charm of the girl, beautiful mess, beautiful without knowing, Gu Yusheng sitting on a bench, looking into a god.

This song is very short, so to and fro paragraphs, followed by Qin Zhi love music, sing a second time when, Gu Yusheng tell why, even faint of heart ache again.

Is his illusion it? He always felt that singing smiling girl, covered reveals a grief.

He wanted to do more? His heart how some tears, like blink of an eye, that pretty standing before the fountain, singing girls will disappear in general.

"As long as After today, I'll love yourself a little more, my world will not have your oath."

Sing the last sentence, the sound Qin Zhi love are some tremble.

Yes ah, long after today, Gu Yusheng has become the man she loved, her love is no longer a.

And her world, never had his smile, his anger, his laugh, his serious, he's lazy, he's angry ...... his everything.

Before she left, we have already started to miss.

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