Section 261 of the original is that you (1)

Section 261 of the original is that you (1)

Lu half of the city?

How he suddenly came up? Gu Yusheng is come to the right?

Qin Zhi love side of the door, while opening: "Gu Yusheng he did not ......"

The remaining "home" word did not say it, half the city on land and opened the door, walked in hastily: "? Small Kou, born brother did not go home."

Qin Zhi love shook his head, he said:. "No, he had never returned home recently."

Qin Lu Chih love half of the city could see some anxiety, and after a while, did not hold back and asked: "? What happened yet."

Lu half of the city: "Health brother last night, do not know how to engage, today launched a burn, let him play in the hospital fluids, chosen not to fight, not go to the Chamber of Commerce to participate in the evening, should the mood is not right, drink a lot of wine I would have wanted Wang to pick him up, who knows a door of the hotel, he took the keys to his own car, I have not had time to react, the car would not see his shadow ...... "

fever? Last night stood in the rain for so long, ill?

Qin Zhi love casual wrinkled brow: "I did not give him a call?"

Lu half of the city: "playing down the phone, or else why I came here to find him."

Qin Zhi love to the next, asked: "? What about the other places do not go looking to see it?"

"Have looked for his name's house, old house there are people I went to see, he usually likes to stay that several hotels, I also made a phone call asked, not in ......" Lu half the city stop the next, he said: "Well, I went to look for somewhere else, maybe stay in the bar, what do you go to bed earlier, If he had come back, give me a call."

"Good." Qin Zhi love nod, should be down.

Lu half the city took the car keys, out the door before the car Lakaijumen, Qin Zhi love the thought of Qin GREENVILLE sent the necklace, that night she was taken away by the housekeeper when land half the city said to help her find the necklace, she is not sure is a land half of the city looking, still looking ...... Gu Yusheng

With this in mind, Qin Zhi love action had locked the door slowly stopped, she rushed back half of the city's landing shouting the sentence: "? Half the city."

"Ah?" Lu half of the city hold the door, turn face.

"That ......" Qin Zhi love paused., Chose a conservative approach, then asked: "? Necklace you help me find it."

"?? Necklace What necklace" Lu half the city seems to be forgotten, surprised asked twice, then came to the understanding of "Oh," a cry, and back: "It was born brother looking for, he did not let me intervene to help a person looking for a whole night, only to find out in a fountain! "

It turned out that he was actually looking for ...... Qin Zhi love hearts seem to have been hit by something general, Qingchan up, she looked at the land and half of the city did not break out again.

"How? Necklace repaired? He showed you?" Lu half of the city come to understand what seems to be the same, even asked a few words.

Qin Zhi Love stable with fluctuations in the heart of the red city half landing light nodded his head.

Lu Gu Yusheng find half the city in a hurry, you ask after stooping got into the car, he saw her, wanted to direct step on the accelerator to leave, but thought, that there are some things still have to talk about, they fell window directed Qin Zhi love still standing after the Iron gate spoke up: "that chain snapped, the material is not particularly good, it is difficult to repair, he found quite a few jewelers, spent a lot of time to finish it in."

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