Chapter 189 that day, thank you (9)

Chapter 189 that day, thank you (9)

Gu Yusheng obviously stunned for a moment, then turned around to see Qin Zhi love.

He was talking on the phone, she was afraid to say anything affect him, and pointed to bowl at him made a motion with a spoon to eat.

Gu Yusheng continue to read at her for a moment, only to recover the line of sight, while a touch tone directed at the people who answer the phone while holding a spoon, slowly eating up.

Qin Zhi love this bowed his head, continue to eat their meal, she did not eat two, Gu Yusheng suddenly held out his hand, Qiaoliaoliangxia in front of her.

She looked puzzled, to see him, he was listening cell phone talk with someone, said nothing, but handed the empty bowl in front of her.

Qin Zhi love to understand what he meant, just ready to reach out and pick up the bowl to help re-Gu Yusheng hold rice, good housekeeper dessert, just out of the kitchen, to see this scene, immediately rush over, leans ear Qin Zhi love, low voice said: "small - sister, I come ......"

Butler then just finished, Gu Yusheng turned around, looked daggers at her housekeeper scared hand flick, the original toward the empty bowl fingertips immediately shrink back.

Butler There are some things, though unpredictable Gu Yusheng mind, but some things, but she was able to guess about, which is to let the feelings of Gary Small - sister to hold rice mean ...... housekeeper found a hastily TIPS " stomach pain "as an excuse, hurriedly left the restaurant.

Qin Zhi Gu Yusheng wait on love continue to eat two bowls of rice, drank a bowl of soup, before the end of dinner.

Butler into the restaurant to clean up the table when the thought of Gary since like small - sister and served him a meal, he must have been like to serve others, though Gary's temper is a bit big, but as long as some down him, but he did nothing easy to talk, anyway, he was happy, everyone days are better, so the housekeeper in the kitchen washing dishes when directed stood up, ready to leave the restaurant Qin Zhi love to the sentence: "small - sister, you wait for the next remind Ku medicine, as well as wound medicine, must change. "

Qin Zhi love first turned around to see Gu Yusheng, the man had hung up the phone after hearing the proposal housekeeper, did not make any sense refuse.

Qin Zhi love this light directed at the butler nodded his head and said:. "I know."


Gu Yusheng until the stitches before the wound did not go to the company.

Wang touches will come a day trip to the villa, each time holding a lot of files, but also hold a lot of files to go.

Ever since that night, Qin Zhi Gu Yusheng wait love to eat, take medicine, on the drug, the steward will simply push all these things gave her.

Also injured in the day, Qin Zhi Gu Yusheng love had wanted to give the drug, the results of Gu Yusheng exactly an emergency video conference to open, let her wait for a while.

Out of the meeting, already ten o'clock, Qin Zhi love had never been seen just memorizing a script in the master bedroom, after Gu Yusheng pushed open the door, waiting for her on the drug, there is no leaving.

Since the pre-Qin Zhi love and to take care of him frequently, and he has to sleep in the same bed, or some apprehension, fear of accidentally kicking him angry.

But these days, although he never take the initiative to talk to her bed at night not to touch her as if she is invisible to you, like most of her attitude she is cold touch, but no longer in her hair too far.

There are even times she went to send him coffee, accidentally spilled onto his desk, he is looking to destroy the files.

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