Chapter 150 natural cold weapons (10)

Chapter 150 natural cold weapons (10)

Even drunk, he did not forget self-deprecating chuckle or two, and then tone it suddenly became very decadent and sad: "...... But, that's not what I want ...... ...... not what I want."

"Mountains and rivers parents dream ...... ...... ...... parents did not let me go to the army, I secretly secretly go ...... I come back they are no ......"

His mouth, saying the topsy-turvy, constantly repeat the "mountains and rivers Dream", "parents."

But just at a loss to know why Qin Zhi love, this time it's completely understand what he meant.

He was upset because he loved, was forced to give up the dream, right? He was sorry, he gave up chasing the dream he always wanted, but his family but eventually all come back, right?

Very quiet room, only Gu Yusheng constantly wafting off, then: "I want, no more ...... I give up my dream at hand, but also the parents come back ...... I'm nothing, no a ...... "

Qin Zhi heart of love, like being forced to hold something, severely twisted in general, and the pain she was breathing a stifled, eyes took on a wave of sour, she did not know where the impulse, suddenly held out his hand, clasped his hands, looked at him drunk, softly opening, said: "no, no, you is not got nothin ', you and me ......"

Gu Yusheng muttered, then suddenly paused, Kiyotoshi brow wrinkled a bit harsh at first, then slowly began to stretch, he thought I was in a dream, hesitated for a moment, took a bit unsure of He asked: "And you?"

Hear his voice, Qin Zhi Aiming knew he could not see, but still nodded her head slightly, with a somewhat relaxed and whispered: "Yes, yes, I ......"

I do not know is not the Qin Zhi illusion of love, she felt vaguely of men holding hands, slightly stiff a bit.

Her mouth, then pause for a second, and then continue opening, gentle softly to comfort him: "You will not ...... nothing, even if you've got nothing, and I ......"

She would not finish, the man lying in bed with eyes closed, suddenly do not know where the surge of strength, gave it a yank, she abruptly pulled down in his arms.

Qin Zhi love a stiff body, the instinct to break free, but he held her tightly, then with his chin against the top of her head, Mengyi Ban, low read word:. "Do not move."

His tone, with a somewhat subtle request, Qin Zhi love suddenly compromise down, she froze for a moment in his arms, after all, the hand slowly back to hold him.

She wanted him ...... only when drunk, so she dare unbridled close to him, good for him, to give him warmth and comfort in front of him to release her original appearance, right?

However, Gu Yusheng ah ...... would you know?

I'm not comfort you with a beam cardamom identity.

Like the original, in Malaysia on the road, the car off, I did not hesitate to push them away, the same as being hit by a car that ......

I have never been in with a beam of Hello cardamom identity.

I was using the identity of Hello you have already been forgotten Qin Zhi love.


Gu Yusheng woke up, she was already noon the next day, the curtains did not close, the sun was shining in his face, he opened his eyes slightly prickly about to close it again.

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