Cap 138 mysterious letter (8)

Cap 138 mysterious letter (8)

Qin Zhi love surprised, hands on the car keys slipped from the fingers down, hit on her ankle, a little sore.

Unconsciously, she looked down and held out his hand and touched the ankle, then picked up the car keys.

Sat up, when looking through the rear view mirror and then further, Gu Yusheng has come to the driver's seat to the car and the car in front of Wang did not know to say something, Wang nodded his head, then go out into the back of the Gu Yusheng two steps, standing on the sidewalk, Wang turn the steering wheel, the car backwards inverted, U-turn, away.

Gu Yusheng not on the train, Wang drove away, he ......

Qin Zhi love just thought of this, see Gu Yusheng one hand stuck in the pocket, slowly leisurely directed at her car flashed over, and then parked next to the passenger seat, first hand, pulled the door, not pull, and then raised his hand, Qiaoliaoliangxia windows, issued a "pound" sound.

Qin Zhi love this back to God, and hurried to open the lock.

Gu Yusheng opened the door, got into the car and bent over, turned around and looked at her for a moment, began to ask: "? How to run here."

She is the identity of Qin Zhi love to the A, certainly not tell him, to win the trust of ...... Qin Zhi love thought for a moment, opening: "Today the weather is good, drove out casually walk around, passing here, think of the high school here on , I came over to see two. "

"Oh." Gu Yusheng like a letter, faint to be a cry.

After a little while, he spoke again: "good health?"

Qin Zhi impression of love, it seems to be since she plays bridge cardamom, the first time he spoke to her so calm.

But also a "good health?"

For he was concerned about her?

Qin Zhi Aiming obvious feel their feelings, become volatility up, her fingers clutching the car keys, the two are gently flutter flutter, after quite some time, she smothered the chest rolling flattered, tone static short answer to his question: "has been all right."

Gu Yusheng and "Oh," a cry, seems to impress, silence again.

Qin Zhi love does not know what to say, also had to follow to remain silent.

Some of the car suddenly became quiet, small space, only he and her two people, so the ice, make the atmosphere more and more embarrassing.

Just think of Qin Zhi love of her brains to find this kind of topic, time to break this situation, clerking school, many students pouring out the door, the body of uniforms, all these years without any changes, or when he and she wore that look.

Have been somewhat quiet street, suddenly became lively again.

Gu Yusheng stared running in front of a few high school students in uniforms who looked for a moment, suddenly recovered sight, directed Qin Zhi Love asked the sentence: "? Wait a minute Something wrong"

He asked suddenly, Qin Zhi love did not think, shook his head, went back to a:. "No"

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