Chapter 130 I do not hit a woman (10)

Chapter 130 I do not hit a woman (10)

It looks really poor wronged ......

Jiang Yu Shali slender standing around, pass in the last seconds, when Qin Zhi love sight back, eyes inadvertently touches the line of sight Chiang slender, she clearly from her eyes, a layer capture hatred, strong and sharp.

As the eyes, so Qin Zhi love a back chills, and utterly completely back to taste.

She was slender Jiang embarrassed this group of people, even if Jiang slender and wrong to blame, but Gu Yusheng but to help her out of the air ......

This moment, time seems to countercurrent general, Qin Zhi love suddenly remembered that eight years ago, at the restaurant that night, Gu Yusheng for her, also because "apology", and his brother Jiang slender fight.

Eight years ago, he protected her ...... after eight years, he has over her ......

Heart rate Qin Zhi love, inexplicably began to accelerate, and when young she saw that scene as he fights for her, "bang! Bang! Bang!" Each and all efforts hop rhythm there.

She could not help but looked up to see the back of the Gu Yusheng.

He walked in front of her, did not look back to see her.

He grabbed her hand the force of a great pace to go quickly, even though she could not see his face, but he could feel at this time, angry.

When passing through the banquet hall, the plane hit a lot of people to see the site look like Gu Yusheng, ask someone concerned about the "how" and was also curious to ask aloud, "What happened," Gu Yusheng was like did not hear generally, these policies, just looked straight ahead and pulling Qin Zhi love to go forward.

Into the elevator, Gu Yusheng's face is still ugly scary, Yu Shali had been dumped him a slap in the face, he did not know what kind of strength in a bad mood, press the elevator button to close the action, violent amazing.

The elevator only he and two of her man, but he did not cast her wrist.

His strength, grasping her wrist a little sore.

She had seen too many of his angry look, for fear of accidentally Rehuoshangshen, have no time to hide, where they dare to remind him release his wrist, so Qin Zhi Love Grossly, nose nose view of the heart can only be endured pain, there is a sense of how low can you put put more low standing in the corner of the elevator.

When the elevator down to the first floor, Gu Yusheng suddenly raised his other hand, forced to tear tie, heavy thrown to the ground.

Qin Zhi love this piece of his posture was scared to breathe screen up, eyes closed, staring at the tie looked for a moment, and then tumbling strong pressing abdomen pain, quietly bent over, picked up the tie.

She is so small action, do not know how it disturbed him, he suddenly turned around, steaming anger stare at her, scared Qin Zhi love holding tie kept up half the action did not dare move.

Gu Yusheng nostrils snorted back on his head, and stared in front of the elevator door, agitated and raised his hand to unlock the two buttons at the neckline shirt.

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