114 Chapter forgotten is the largest ruthless (4)

114 Chapter forgotten is the largest ruthless (4)

Gu Yusheng said yesterday, fell by half of the city's land and gently poked bong back, whispered:. "I have said so yesterday birth brother, the result was scolded"

Wu Hao immediately shut up.

Then two people one after the other, carefully turned around, to see to the Gu Yusheng.

I thought the eyes, to see would be steaming anger Gu Yusheng, Gu Yusheng who knows at this time, surprisingly calm, he just kept posture, standing, eyes staring at the touch of a hand, I do not know what to think .

Wu Hao Lu half of the city and some incredible, looked at each other glances, some lost in Gu Yusheng routine, two people have dared to speak out.

After about a minute, Gu Yusheng moved his head close to the line of sight back, staring out the window the sun shining looked for a moment, then silently marching pace toward the living room, he sat on the sofa, a fishing cigarette, just keep pumping up.


Less than three points, half the city and Wu Hao Lu left.

I had a very busy family, suddenly became surprisingly quiet.

TV is turn down the volume, unobtrusive up.

Gu Yusheng was fed up, pick up the remote control, turn off the TV, and then lie on your back on the sofa, staring at the ceiling, with no intermediate stop even smoked three cigarettes.

He took fourth root of time, looked at the floor clock time, had almost four o'clock, and he shouted that the woman was the one, after upstairs to the present, has three hours, no one down too.

Gu Yusheng could not help but glance toward the stairs floating, lighter action micro paused, then smoking a cigarette, I do not know why, suddenly I felt a little dull smell of smoke, his specious smoke casually spit it out, and then went, looked at the stairs, suddenly I feel the taste of smoke is terrible, just put a lit cigarette is snuffed not breathe, thrown in the trash.

Gu Yusheng relying on the sofa to sit quietly for a moment, then got up and went to the bathroom, came out, he looked at the corridor, like God Guichai strode up the stairs.

Gu Yusheng leisurely strode along the corridor on the second floor, went to the door of the master bedroom.

He stood for a moment at the door, then held out his hand, pushed open the door.

Qin Zhi love the house, sitting on the couch looking at the script, feel the door is open, and instinctively turned to look at the door.

Gu Yusheng just looked inside, two people on the line of sight impartial coming together.

Close to the evening sunshine, golden, through the bright windows, there is just a ray hit her face, her eyes Chende all the more beautiful.

Her eyes transfer of light, clarity clear, even sultry than Gu Yusheng impression, pull up the bottom of his heart caught off guard on thrown a hint of panic, then he was slow to realize that he actually on the floor.

Right ah, he went upstairs to do what?

Qin Zhiaimingming nothing to ask, but Gu Yusheng as if to hide something, like, has chosen should give their upstairs excuse, pretending to be calm while he took a long cavity "ah" sound, while fast turning the brain, and then on the front of the Qin Zhi love faint tone to the sentence:. "Monday night, you prepare for the next, to accompany me to attend a dinner party."

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