Cap 42 is crashed trick (2)

Cap 42 is crashed trick (2)

For men, young and beautiful woman can bring face to them.

The same for a woman, a loving husband can make their own have more envy.

Several women, together, look harmonious atmosphere, enjoyable, but is in fact another way of changing the comparisons.

Jiang slender unmarried, no boyfriend, occasionally plug in twelve will be put on a look of longing, was saying, who who love to listen to, just wipe with a honey General: "Sun sister, your husband for Hello Ay!" "Young sister, in fact, this pair of high heels pretty", "Xia aunt, the clothes you Chende much younger!"

Qin Zhi love alone his face wearing a faint smile, never say anything.

As Qin Zhi love, the man she loved for many years, this time not only married other wives, but also forget who she is, she can not come up with something to show off.

As the beam cardamom, her hard to marry a man with hatred of her, never took her as his wife to see, let alone a gift, even he can not wait to face do not always see.

Fortunately, at first, a long time, has not speak of love Qin Zhi, a bit embarrassed, she looked around, you want to find an excuse to leave, the results are not moving lips, took her arm Qiaosheng Sheng Jiang slender stand aside suddenly tilted his head, leans her ear talking about a private message: "Kou sister, today I come to the road Gu grandfather's birthday, see you."

Qin Zhi love a stiff body, a bad feeling, covered with heart.

"I'm three o'clock, set off from home it, I sat in the car, you read it a long time ......" Jiang slender Here, the delay smiles tenderly at her ear twice: "Kou sister, the weather is so hot, you say it so born brother how the heart to let you in so shabby little alley, waiting for him so long? "

And her hunch, she waits Gu Yusheng embarrassed look, all she received in the eyes ...... It turned out that Jiang slender hold of the handle on the beam cardamom, turned out she was Gu Yusheng cold despise scene ......

Qin Zhi love the thrill of a little finger, his face was like nothing feels the same, that is still the most indifferent demeanor.

"And, Kou sister, I have to see, after you get on the car birth brother, born Colin sentence did not tell you, but also to the old house here, born brother get off, did not wait for you ... ... "

Jiang slender, then just half said, just to show off that extra baggage limit bag woman, suddenly spoke up: "? Slender, whisper what do you say"

"? No, where is the whisper," Jiang slender immediately turned around, facing several women look to themselves and Qin Zhi love, smiling he said:? "I do not see that you are talking about gifts do so secretly When asked Kou sister, born brother sent her what gift? "

These people have come to Mr. Gu Lao birthday, natural and homely want to lay a good relationship, Jiang slender so careless word, attracted people to show off their original circle, the focus suddenly converge in the body Qin Zhi love.

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