The Mightest Leveling System (updated) Da Hai Hao Duo Shui

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Have you ever seen exposing holy vein?
Have you ever seen revealing a Divine Ranked Martial Technique?
Have you seen all the women in the world go crazy for a man alone?
“Carrying the dragon slayer on his shoulder and holding the Zhuge sword in his hands, he asked,” “Fuck, who else is there?”
The nerd Long Fei brought a type of Striking System and teleported here. Killing monsters and levelling up, killing people as well as levelling up, suppressing the Three Realms and destroying all those who were unconvinced!


  • Caring Protagonist
  • Level System
  • Male Protagonist
  • Overpowered Protagonist
  • Alchemy
  • Arrogant Characters
  • Beast Companions
  • Confident Protagonist
  • Cultivation
  • Pill Based Cultivation
  • Pill Concocting
  • Polygamy
  • Romantic Subplot
  • Strength-based Social Hierarchy
  • Sword Wielder
  • Transmigration
  • Game Elements
  • Hiding True Abilities
  • Crafting
  • Absent Parents
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