Volume 2 41 – Smooth daily life

Volume 2 41 – Smooth daily life

Satie was fascinated by the sewing, small money bags, handbags, aprons, and also made some clothes for me. Also often buy some tools and cloth that will be used. We must really remember these beautiful days, and not let the days of the past sting us (maybe it is to forget the memory of other adventurer partners who have no way to save them? This period of brain supplement is very serious)

Satie is very profitable, and there is still a little money after the tailoring tools and the food and the money for the books are deducted. In order to gain experience, I also gave up some prey (maybe it is to gain experience, destroy the prey and not sell it?). So I am thinking about whether to buy another slave, but I don't want to destroy the current rich life, so I will consider it again.

One day, Satie's sewing grade has risen to LV2, which is already a very high standard for the average person.

By the way, the meaning of LV

LV1: The level around the beginner is the basic level.

LV2: The general level, in terms of martial arts, it is the stage (in the first stage). In terms of cooking, it is about the level of the housewife.

LV3: The veteran level, martial arts, is about 2 to 3 paragraphs, can guide others, if it is cooking, it can be the level of the store.

LV4: First-class level, martial arts, you can get the championship in the national competition, if it is cooking, it is already the Michelin star.

LV5: Super class.

Probably this feeling: LV3, as long as you are willing to invest time you can do it. The words of LV4 are very difficult to achieve. In the case of LV5, even a talented person will not be able to reach the realm after hard work.

One day, I praised Satie's skill in using the bow.

"I feel weird. My skills in using swords and bows seem to have been won for me. My eyes have been cured. I have seen things incredibly. The skills of using bows don't feel good anymore."

Wow, so keen. This is indeed a gift from God. correct.

There is no special denial, but I also confess that I cannot tell others.

"Yes. Did not tell others. Angela and Julieka sauce are not spoken.

Satie nodded with a serious expression.

I will not talk about this for the time being. Because the tailor rose to LV2, Satie tried to design the sailor suit. The two discussed the details of the design, the use of color and cloth filler. The skirt should be shorter! The more you see, the better (you come, burn him), the height is around the navel (do you really burn him?)

Satie’s face is hard to show, but it’s ok to wear it at home. Great (this seems to be a vocal, it should be expressed in plain text)

If you can, everyone can do it. Then what to do next. My dreams are infinitely extended! ! I even want to use the points on the tailor (I feel that I am going to die)

Let Saty wear the prototype and bring Satie back to the bedroom to try it out. Well, I can't stand it anymore.

During the rest of the second day, Satie improved the sailor suit. Then I finally completed the ideal sailor suit. I shed tears. The ideal sailor is the cat ear. Is there anything more happier than this? So I took Satie to the bedroom to try it out. Well, then the improvement of pumpkin panties…Turning the table, I can't turn it over…No wonder the translation bacteria have ran XD)

I don't have anything to do. Yes, I reproduced curry, ramen and pizza. (It’s really a mistake to turn this at noon.)

From the conclusion, the curry failed and the ramen was smooth. Pizza is also a slap in the face.

The way the curry is seasoned is unknown, so it is mixed with a lot of strong flavors, but it does not know where it comes from. Then Satie escaped because Satie’s nose was too sensitive…Later, this mysterious material was sealed in a deep hole dug in the courtyard with earth magic.

The ramen is easily completed. I often see how to do it on TV shows. I think about the practice while cooking. Finally, the real bird ramen is finished.

Dismember the birds of different worlds that are unclear and carefully clean them and put them into the pot. Then put some kinds of vegetables into the pot and cook them. After three hours, the soup was cooked and salt and seasonings were added. The surface of the ramen is added with salt water, but what is brine? How did the yellow noodles come from? It is a puzzle.

Ramen is well received. Vegetables and meat, desserts made from eggs, I am alone in the ramen. But it's delicious.

The pudding has also been slightly improved. Although the vanilla essence was not added, but the brandy was added, the wine obtained from the vice president was slightly better.

Then pizza. Pizza dough is no problem. There is liquid baker's yeast in this world, and ketchup is also done. Just no cheese.

Asked, the cheese was not made in the horse's pasture, and the yogurt was produced. Is the cheese made in the stomach of the sheep? Is it necessary? There was really no impression, so I couldn't make a cheese pizza. I tried adding mayonnaise, which was quite delicious.

But yogurt is an unexpected harvest, adding a dessert. I feel delicious even without sugar, but everyone doesn't seem to like sugar-free. If you add some sugar and add mango flavor, everyone will like it more.

Next time try to do something with horse milk and sugar.

The diet has slowly improved, but I always want to eat rice.

There should be rice bars. This world is very similar to the earth. Compared with the animals and plants on the earth, there are similar things. The difference in vegetables is exotic and only a little uncomfortable. It must be because of the similar relationship with the earth that Ito God will send me from the earth.

There is the moon, and the sun and the earth see the same. I don't know the arrangement of the stars, I don't know if it is in the southern hemisphere. I am not surprised if the universe is the same as the Earth. I think that on this planet, it may be South America or Africa. Many parts and maps we find cannot be pieced together on the mainland or the country.

I don't know the exact time, but the world is moving towards destruction step by step.

There is no time to add a diet menu.

Also met with the adventurers who were cured during the battle of Habib. Accept their thanks, then go to a drink early in the morning. The adventurer who knows that he is dead is a good person who has worked hard from the country. I don’t know what to do if I hear this kind of thing! Next time, be sure to kill Habi! I was so upset when I was crying and making troubles, causing trouble in the pub.

Satie is very popular in the training ground. Many instructors surround her and there are many adventurers around her. I hate communication, so I only deal with the instructor. Satie is actively communicating with others, the children are defeated, or they are evenly reluctant, and they are very long against the team to fight.

About seven or eighty percent are victorious, and occasionally you will be injured and you will use the recovery magic immediately.

However, terrible things happened afterwards. When picking up Satie, of course Satie will come to me with pleasure. Then everyone looked at me together, some people looked at me normally, but several of them had obvious killings. I also applied for a battle against me. Of course, I refused. It’s too dangerous to use a real sword. What are you doing?

Such adventurers finally left, but then Klock and silver came. (Friends A and B) who are teaching newcomers with wins

A little increased alert, I am an adult alone. They may be revenge for knowing this. I wanted to escape, but it was more suspicious, so I waited for them to come.

"Ah, that"

Clark: "Win, I heard that."

Not good, where did you hear about it?

"Ah, what are you talking about? 』

"Is it very active during the battle of Habi? Isn't it?" 』

Ah, that is the one. not worried.

"Well, it turned out to be. What were you busy at that time? 』

"I was entrusted and left the town"

"It was so good, it was very dangerous at the time. 』

"Have you heard that? I talked to the training ground before the dead people…"

a little sad

"We don't want to die. 』

"We are with Lazard, and that person has even fallen down." 』

"Why is the grade still C? 』

"There is too much work to choose from. 』

"But it seems to be doing well now."

"It is because of Leeds' relationship. I have been dating since a long time ago. 』(Leeds is a female swordsman from Alibur village, web14 appears)

Silver is a little shaken. Haven't got rid of the emotions yet?

"Then wish you good luck…What is the content of the commission? It is okay to be dangerous if you have a generous reward. 』

"I don't want to end Leeds. I used to get a good reward when I broke down the dragon. So I chose a simple job like guard. 』

"So, we haven't met because of this for a long time. 』

"then you! 』(Want to ask about becoming an adult? )

"that? 』(The hero is stupid)

"Lazard, I want to meet with the winner."

"you! Is it…"

"no no. That is a joke. But if we fight with us…"Does it mean that the two of them want to win to see Lazard, or that Lazard threatens them to ask them to win?)

『…Come here today? 』"



"I am still running away!

When I want to escape, I suddenly hear the sound.

"Oh. Where do you want to escape?"

"That one……"

It is you! Mr. Lazard…

"I always want to see you, but I have never found a good time."

No, I don't want to see you. Really.

"Is there anything I should know?"

"Let's have a drink together…."

"That is what the good-hearted men do." Put your hand on the sword on your back.

"Isn’t Klock and Silver go together, they must be so hopeful?"

When they looked at Krok and Silver, they opened their faces. Damn, it was not enough friends.

"It seems that I have to fight with Mr. Lazard, is it?"

It was dead by the big sword that was placed behind it.

"Ah, that, I have something to do temporarily."

"Just with Krok and silver agreed to wait for a meal together, ah, time is up, isn't it?" 』

"Ah, my stomach is already hungry. 』

"Can you use reply magic? It’s not a hungry thing, what are you talking about, I don’t want to talk to you any more.

Lazard’s sword began to be surrounded by anger, ah ah ah, why is there murderous!

"wood sword…Wooden sword! 』


"Can magic be used? 』

"it is good! 』

If there is such a chance, then use the air hammer to kick off the prelude.

Harden the wooden sword, sang the production of the stone giant before the start, and used four stone giants and air hammers at the beginning. I also considered using lightning at the beginning, but it seems that I am not so angry, I will dispel this thought. It is. (It means that lightning is a big trick, is it not used by ordinary people? )

"Although come" Lazade raised the sword and used the same wooden sword as me, without using a shield.

Too much to say, the magic of the terror, let you know!

"Come out of the stone giant"

Four stone giants about 1 meter in size emerged from the earth and attacked. I also followed up with Mr. Lazard.

The Stone Giant has approached Mr. Lazard, but he does not care. I have a bad hunch and release the air hammer according to the planned combat method.

Hit, when thinking like this. Mr. Lazard waved his sword and chopped the air hammer. I couldn't see it, but it seemed to be shredded.

Followed by two stone giants, cut off like a mowing. Wait a minute, this is a wooden sword, why can you cut off the stone giant?

The stone giant has turned into sand like this. Will the stone giant become like this after it is damaged?

"Only like this?" Let you attack first and say 』

what! ? Can't see it. Quickly turned and attacked from the side. The stone giant's two feet are still there.

The air hammer attacked and knocked down from the side.

Mr. Lazard kicked a stone giant and cut the air hammer. There was an opportunity at this time.

In one breath, he waved a sword to the gap of the shoulder and hit the shoulder. At the same time, Lazard quickly avoided the gap, blocked the attack with a shoulder armor, and the wooden sword hit the handle part, causing only minor damage.

Mr. Lazard laughed, and it was awful. There is a wooden sword on the left side. I try my best to use the shield to defend. The power is too big, and the shield can hardly hold it. What kind of strange power is this.

Panic to open the distance. The last stone giant was also knocked down and disappeared.

There was no extra expression when Mr. Lazard pursued it.

Damn, it can't be prevented with air hammer. How to do? Really can't win.

In this case, you have to use powerful magic.

When singing the lightning, Mr. Lazard moved.

Hit by the wooden sword, almost to be hit, although the speed is not as fast as the instructor, but each shot is very powerful, and has an impact in the body.

Even the distance to avoid can not be pulled out, and I plan to escape.

But helplessly forced to the corner (do you want to be a wall?)

"No, it’s not possible to open the distance with magic."

The singing is over.

At the same time as the magic sings and sings – a sword is thrown at it, the target is the foot, and the earth wall appears from the feet of Mr. Lazard. The time is up!

With Mr. Lazard cutting a sword, my body was shot and fell to the ground. It’s so dizzy, it’s really painful. This is definitely a broken bone.

"Sorry sorry. The last bit of a panic, I got serious."

"Call, Appeal, Appeal, Appeal" (should be gasping)

Ugh. Finally calmed down. It’s great to use a wooden sword…If you use a real sword, you should be split in half.

"Too bad, Mr. Lazard. I thought I was going to die.

"Sorry. But very happy. Call it next time.

No, it’s enough…

"Slightly feel a little inadequate, then Klock and silver, change you."

"Ok! ? 』

Ha, you are dead, great.

"do not worry. As long as I am not dead, I can use the reply magic treatment.

"Oh, great! You can enjoy it. So, get ready! 』

Mr. Lazard waved his sword mercilessly, and the two ruined people seemed to have a bit of pain. I feel a little sorry, but it makes me feel good.

Just when I ended up treating 2 people.

"Okay, next time it is 3 people! 』

Even three people are still ruined and lost. Mr. Lazard is too strong.

But silver is still reliable. The role of a successful shield.

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