Night Ranger

By Dark Blue Coconut Milk

Dark Knight Ranger No. 1 Lost Territory Noble Chapter 2 Curses and Adventures

Dark Knight Ranger No. 1 Lost Territory Noble Chapter 2 Curses and Adventures

A letter from the old housekeeper, Marvin’s younger brother, Pooh, had a curse that was difficult to lift. Even Magog’s great mages were helpless.

There was not much news on the letter. Fortunately, the old housekeeper who accompanied Pooh to Magor College described the details of Pooh’s condition.

“Two serpents teach!”

When Marvin saw the descriptions, there was a rough foundation in his heart.

The double serpents, even so rampant, actually dared to reach out into the three-ring tower area?

You know, originally Marvin thought that Pooh’s Magor Institute is one of the components of the Three-ring Tower. It is reasonable to say that it should be the safest place on the East Coast. He did not expect that he had just regained the White River Valley. There is a problem on the side!

This is what Marvin did not expect.

Why do people with double serpents start with Pooh?

“Is it that the pastor still saw me that day? This is not possible. I obviously chose Miller’s eyeball before killing him.”

Ma Wen immediately denied his own idea.


According to the old steward, Pooh is said to be preparing a very important match.

In the Third Ring Tower area, the three wizard towers compete with one another. Recently, it seems that the top three wizard towers have jointly organized a combat competition.

They divided their disciples into several levels and fought each other.

Although his younger brother, Pooh, was very young and had a short schooling time, he had already demonstrated quite outstanding wizard talent.

Just like his grandfather, Pooh’s talent, as long as he remains diligent in his studies, is not a problem. It may even hit the threshold of the third-level wizard.

This talent is not bad in the Third Ring Tower area, especially the weakest Magor Institute.

This kid is said to have special expertise in fighting voodoo, so was recommended by his mentor to participate in the trial of the competition.

Pooh’s performance is very good, all the way through to the final round.

But on the eve of the final round of selection, the nine-year-old suddenly fell ill.

Obviously, this is an intentional frame.

The professors of Magor College tried their best and could only suspend the curse on Pooh’s body.

However, he himself is still in a coma situation, apparently no way to continue the game.

Pooh’s coma, the biggest beneficiary is naturally his opponent, a wizard named White. Magor’s teachers didn’t have White. This guy was said to have come a long way.

Although very suspect, there is no conclusive evidence and they cannot do anything.

“Sure enough, the prophecy spell has completely failed.”

Marvin looked at the letter carefully and did not want to miss any details.

Among the professors of Magor College, at least there are third-order prophecies that are wizards. But they are powerless.

It is clear that the prophecy spell has completely failed. Otherwise a “truth restore”, the real culprit will be nothing.

The wizards have gradually begun to show a weak side.

Next, the spells of other faculties also began to be weakened, and the dominance of the wizards would slowly be shaken.

After all, what they are about to face is a more powerful shrine.


“Master Marvin, let me go.” Anna volunteered.

Marvin shook his head.

This time, it is not that simple. Pooh’s coma was awkward. His means were like a double snake.

Most people, even shamans, have not been able to understand specific principles because they did not fight against the serpents for many years.

Curse is the most troublesome after all. If you want to lift the curse, you must unplug the source of the curse. There is no such master in Magor College.

“Unless she is willing to shoot.”

“However, this is obviously impossible.”

Marvin thought silently.

The owner of Rainbow Tower, owned by Magor College, is Hathaway, who is close to the legendary wizard. It is said to be the most hopeful wizard in the Southern Wizarding League. In the course of the game, Marvin clearly remembered that the sorcerer had successfully promoted the legend before the Cataclysm and was fortunate enough to avoid being severely impacted at the moment when the universe was breached.

She was also one of several legendary wizards who were particularly active after the Cataclysm. Unfortunately, one year after the cataclysm, she was killed by a shrine.

It seems that Anthony is the same, is the shadow of the prince, this guy does not have a bit of God’s face, often using avatars to attack the legendary wizard of humans, but whoever shot, basically did not miss.

If Marvin had not guessed correctly, Hathaway would now be relegating the final threshold of the legendary wizard.

In that case, she wouldn’t manage even if something so earthshaking happened at Magore College.

What’s more, a small wizard apprentice was cursed by inexplicable.

If it weren’t for those teachers at Magor College who loved Viverny’s talent, I’m afraid he’d already been abandoned.

After all, drugs and spells that delay the onset of curses are very expensive.

The letter written by the old housekeeper was very clear. The current status of Pooh can only last for ten days.

The trial was postponed but the deadline was two weeks later.

There is not much time left for Marvin.

“I go in person.”

Marvin made a decisive decision.

“But the territory here…” Anna was a bit embarrassed.

“We allege that I’m recuperating. It’s also not possible.” Ma Wenshen said: “Continuing to execute my orders. Specific affairs, I will trouble you during this period.”

“I know.” Anna nodded solemnly.

“The power of the territory is still a bit thin, but I will solve this problem.”

“Grew and his thorn squad are good talents, presumably they will not be willing to be adventurers for a lifetime.”

“Do not feel bad about money. Try to recruit them as much as possible.”

Marvin said: “With the thorns team, the safety factor in the White River Valley will rise a lot.”

Anna continues to nod.

“I let the agate follow you. Although he is still weak, he still manages to handle some things.”

“In addition, if a little girl comes with her mother from the town of River Beach, she will accept her. Her name is Isabelle.”

“and also……”

Ma Wenlin, quickly made a series of decisions.

It took him an hour and he ordered all the arrangements to Anna.

And this diligent female housekeeper has always recorded Marvin’s orders.

At the end, Ma Wencai finally made the board:

“When you asked me to call Grew, let him know. I found a book on which to deal with the plague of her daughter.”

Anna hesitated: “Do you want to be honest with him?”

Marvin smiled. “Of course not.”

“I will tell him that the fake face of the two-knife informs me that he will join him in the floodplain.”

“Well, after you go and get it, I still need to make some preparations to get on the road.”


It was a hurry to make things happen. Even Marvin, who has always been good at quickly handling various affairs, felt a bit tricky.

Take the normal route, it should be through the river beach city, to the northwest, through the dead of the hills and the official road to the center of desperate hills, arrived in the moonlight woodland.

Further north, it is the site of the Third Ring Tower.

This almost takes a week’s journey.

A little delay.

“If you cross the desperate hills directly, you will be able to reach Moonglade only in two days. If you are lucky, you can catch the hot air balloon in the Moonlight Woodland and you will be able to reach the Third Ring Tower the next day.”

Marvin made a straight line on the rough map, and the locations in the memory emerged one by one.

Rich adventure experience has played a great role at this moment.

There are many dangerous places on this line, but there are also many places with good benefits.

After all, the Desperate Hills are also close to Gems Bay and are the most familiar places in the Marvin game.

“If you have a good luck, you can get a good machete before you reach the Third Ring Tower.”

Marvin stared at a point on the line and some memories began to surface.

Before that, he had to go to the flood town.

In any case, the plague on Grew’s daughter must be expelled.

If Anna’s recruitment fails, then this help is a more important bargaining chip.

When he hopes to leave the White River Valley, the local armed forces can make a little stronger.

After all, the recruitment of the garrison is still in progress, and it is still too weak.

“It’s almost like this.”

“Leave for an hour, then leave.”

Marvin put a piece of wild supplies into the empty conch and began to rest.


In the middle of the night, a fast horse left the castle and took the floodplain.

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